iTop: The Best VPN for iPhone Users Recommended Worldwide

The Best VPN for iPhone Users Recommended Worldwide


In the world of technology, just as life gets easier with it, there are thousands of hackers who are ready to scam for personal information and that’s why you need the best VPN for iPhone. Cyber attacks and phishing stand as one of the most common scamming things you might face. You might just be doing things as simple as a transaction of money from one account to another or just liking a picture and suddenly you can get caught up in these tricks. Scammers will someday know how to hack your device to extract personal information that can benefit them in heavy ways.

But you can gain protection from this malware on the internet. There are VPNs that not only provide you with a protected environment but at the same time allow you to stream your devices with a very smooth connection or connect your device to a particular server and browse anonymously. And the best part is this is not all, there’s more to it. 

This blog is completely dedicated to VPN and the way it works. We will talk about the common functions of a VPN the ways you can choose your VPN and finally the review of the best VPN for iPhone.

The Common Functions of VPN

To talk about the very common functions of VPN you first need to understand what it is. These are virtual private networks that allow you to connect your device to a wider server so that you can extract formation and at the same time do that in a secure way.

These VPNs use encryption protocols to secure the data that you will transmit between your device and the VPN server. They also hide your IP address by routing your internet traffic through their service, making it more challenging for scammers to track your online activities and identify your real location. 

Since VPNs allow you to connect to different servers despite different geographical locations. It allows you to browse through the internet from a different country thereby bypassing your restrictions and accessing content which might be restricted in your region. 

Besides passing censorship and providing security on public Wi-Fi VPNs are often used for P2P file sharing and torrenting. You can use this to reduce ISP throating too. Some of the VPNs also offer split sterling which can be very useful for optimizing performance or accessing some local service while at the same time benefiting from the protection the VPN provides for specific websites or other applications. 

How To Choose a VPN?

Mentioned above in the bullets are the basic criteria for choosing one particular VPN for you. You might have different requirements from the VPN like securing your device while connecting to a public Wi-Fi and streaming some restricted content in a geographical location. Now you have to choose your VPN accordingly. 

Follow the steps written below to choose a VPN of your choice:

  • Define your need for a VPN first. This is crucial for choosing of VPN
  • Look for a VPN that has a strict no-logs policy since you don’t want your online activity or connection logs to be stored on the server.
  • Ensure that your VPN news is strong encryption protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, or IKEv2/IPsec to protect your data.
  • You also must look for a VPN that has a kill switch.
  • You must check up VP and speed and performance before purchasing it.

Other than all of these important things mentioned in the steps following should be noted before finalizing the VPN:

  • Speed and performance 
  • Server locations 
  • Device compatibility
  • DNS leak protection.
  • Customer support
  • Easy interface

PRO TIP: remember to look into the VPN provider’s legal jurisdiction as it can impact your privacy.

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Review of The Best VPN for iPhone Users

There are a lot of VPNs available for Android and desktop devices but there are only a limited number of VPNs which are compatible with all iPhone and other Apple devices. One of the compatible VPNs you can use is iTop VPN. Let’s see what features this VPN has. 

Features of iTop VPN

Strict no-logs policy 

The service of this VPN operates straight from Hong Kong which is a special administrative region in China. This vision is one of the most protected areas in the world and thus it is surveillance-heavy but it is not a part of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance.


iTop VPN is known for a good balance between security and performance. It is powered by industry standard AES-256 encryption. 

Kill switch

The kill switch is a very important feature of the VPN since it is the kill switch that hides your location. Be it Apple devices or Windows the kill switch is present in every place and when it is enabled it cuts off internet access whatever the VPN connection fails. 

Free plan

Besides having premium pricing options this VPN also has a free plan but however the free plan does not have all of the features. 

Affordable pricing

The best VPN for iPhone users in Ethiopia and worldwide comes along with a very affordable search pricing. You can have the VPN service for one month for $11.99. For a year plan you need to pay 3.99 per month, for 2 year and 3 year plans, you’ve to pay $2.50 and $1.65 per month. 

The Benefits of iTop VPN

  • A free version of this VPN is available.
  • There are 1800 + servers in 41 countries
  • You can stream Netflix Max BBC I player, YouTube TV
  • You have very affordable pricing if you don’t know the free version
  • You can have AES-256 encryption
  • There’s solid torrenting performance for the users
  • Has a built-in ad blocker
  • This VPN allows a privacy-centered Web browser

Drawbacks of  iTop VPN

  • There is no WireGuard tunneling protocol in this VPN. 
  • You can have only 5 simultaneous connections at one time
  • This VPN does not support Android or Linux
  • This also does not support the router configuration

An Overall Review of The Best VPN for iPhone Users: iTop VPN

Why is iTop often recommended worldwide? There’s plenty of reasons for this. 

Since the amount of VPNs for iPhone or other Apple devices are quite limited this VPN is recommended since it has affordable pricing and a good encryption system. Despite the fact that it only has five simultaneous connections or no router configuration support, the best VPN for iPhone users has a solid torrent performance allowing streaming at a smooth level. 

Even after having such drawbacks, this VPN has commendable features, which when complied with the laws and regulations of a geographical area, works absolutely smooth as butter. 

However you should give this in mind that the VPN service might differ from one geographical location to another since it has to comply with the laws and regulations of a geographical location in order to work there. And by the way don’t forget to let us know about your experience with the best VPN for iPhone users.

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