Elon Musk bats for Dogecoin again; makes this offer to McDonald’s

The SpaceX & Tesla founder, billionaire Elon Musk has a knack to stay in the spotlight for a host of reasons. His bold claims on Twitter end up being headlines on...

Top Altcoins of 2022: What to Expect in 2022

Needless to say that Bitcoin is the real trailblazer when it comes to cryptocurrency and the advancements that the crypto industry has made so far. Bitcoin not only introduced the world...
bitcoin city

Bitcoin City at El Salvador: Understanding how it will use the Volcano Energy

Bitcoin City was first heard when the coin was declared a legal tender in El Salvador. Its president N Bukele was the one to coin this in the BTC conference. It...
bitcoin africa

How is Bitcoin Evolving in Africa?

Ever since Bitcoin came in 2009, it has evolved in a big way, like an opaque open attempt to develop like a virtual coin. Thanks to a few software programs and...
cryptocurrency risk

Understand The Risk Attached With Cryptocurrency

It is significant to rectify the technology but not always the modification brings the speculative investors. Sometimes the developers have to think out of the blue box to convert the appreciating...
why bitcoin

Why Bitcoin? Things You Can Buy

Leaders of tomorrow will decide which medium of exchange will remain in the business and the cup of tea of every user. The original debate between printed notes and cryptocurrency is...
Why Should You Believe In Bitcoin

Why Should You Believe In Bitcoin

A 12-year-old boy who saw a future programmer says that he believed in Bitcoin when the developer launched it, and the success of Bitcoin is already achieved. He argues that Bitcoin...
bitcoin news

Clarification By The President On Utilizing Legal BTC

Bitcoin is formally a part of the digital currency known by the world due to its market cap. It is essential to mention the 1.3 trillion US dollars that Bitcoin owns...
how to trade in bitcoin

Learn How To Trade – Two Tips For Bitcoin Users

Bitcoin is a financial instrument popular among investors and traders regularly dealing with cryptocurrency. 2019 was the experimental for Satoshi Nakamoto as he launched his most innovative technology of electronic money....
bitcoin wallet

Tips Below Mention The Importance Of Selecting Wise Bitcoin Wallet

Today you can easily find different Bitcoin wallets on the exchange and market. The increase in numbers increases the challenges for the Bitcoin wallet to be more specific and specialized in...
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How To Deactivate Gmail Account

If you are wondering how to deactivate Gmail Account, the news is that you cannot temporarily disable your account. You have an option to...