Starting a Website

Simple Guide to Starting a Website

Designing a new website is not an easy undertaking if you don't know where to start. You need in-depth information about what makes a good website, and platforms to rely on...
How to delete files from Google drive

How to delete files from Google drive

Before knowing how to delete files from Google drive, it is essential for us to know that this product is developed by Google, It is normally used as file storage and...
windows task manager

A Simplified Explanation Of Windows Task Manager

Task manager is a simplified system component that is found in every version of Microsoft Windows. It provides useful information about the system starting from storage to statistics about each and...
free plagiarism checker

How Does Plagiarized Content Affect a Website’s Ranking? 4 Pro Tips to Improve Content

For search engine optimization purposes, there are a couple of different kinds of plagiarism to look out for. There's text and image plagiarism that can affect a website's ranking, but there's...
SaaS startup

7 Ways of Bootstrapping Your SaaS Startup in 2022

According to Forbes, 90% of startups fail or go bankrupt a few years after the launch. Software as a service startup also suffers from this tragedy. A study by McKinsey and...
how to delete Games on PS4

Step By Step Guide: How to Delete Games on PS4 to Free up Storage...

You’ve got too many games, so your PS4 is running out of space? Are precious moments in your game room ruined because you don’t feel like turning on any of the...
Top programming languages

Top programming Languages In High Demand At Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other MNCs

Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are the biggest and most well-known tech companies in the world. To secure a job at these esteemed companies you need to be well familiar with a...
Gaming Laptop

How to Choose the Right Gaming Laptop?

Buying a gaming laptop is a big investment and a key decision to make. With multiple brands out there flaunting unique selling points, it can be an intriguing process of finalizing...
online marketplace

How to Create an Online Marketplace: Key Steps and Tools

At all times, there was a system of exchange of goods and services. But today, when high technologies have erased the borders between states and even continents, the possibilities have expanded...
how to use paytm

Easy Step By Step(A to Z) Guide:How To Use Paytm Effectively

Today, the article is for those people who do not know how to use Paytm properly. In this article, I will explain you from the beginning in a very simple language...
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How To Configure Gmail In Outlook

While using Microsoft SaaS tools, Outlook makes mailing easier through the software. Now, what if you have a google mail account and do not...