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Social Marketing : How to do Facebook marketing without Facebook Ads and get more than 1000 likes


Social Marketing is the integral part of digital marketing. If you are really serious to increase your brand value then you should promote your business and blog in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram etc.

Today, I will let you know that how you would use Facebook for social marketing to get more than 1000 likes without Facebook ads. Also I will let you know the importance of Facebook in social marketing area.

Here, in this blog you will learn how to create optimized Facebook page, posts and 10 unique strategies to increase your Facebook page likes.


Facebook the most popular social media platform in worldwide. So it’s very important to strategies your business profile. So before going in-depth we should know the three reasons why we should use Facebook for our business promotion.

  1. More than 1.5 billion people are active in Facebook. They use Facebook to share their posts, contents etc. with their family and friends and this is the area where businesses can engage them with their ideas.
  2. Each Facebook page has more than 200 users. This social network can help your business to grow your customer base much faster than traditional marketing.
  3.  You can gather valuable marketing related information. You can use Facebook Insights to know your fan base and create a detailed buyer persona. Information such as demographic breakdowns and what specifically fans are interested are more readily available and accurate on Facebook than on YouTube, Google Analytics etc.

Facebook Social Marketing Strategy

Your Facebook page is a presentation of your trade or business on Facebook.

Before creating a Facebook fan or business page, ask yourself: what are you offering for your followers?

Social media should be a discussion with your followers. Aim to engage with them and not broadcast. If your posts and content do not start conversations or at a minimum, add to conversations, then you are doing it wrong.

Always keep this mind, it would help you achieve your goals on Facebook.

Facebook pages don’t have friends. Fans “like” your page to see updates and the  latest information in their newsfeed. Therefore, “Likes” are the best way to double your exposure on Facebook.

  • Earning 1000 original and genuine “Likes” would be your main goal.
  • Once you have crossed more than 1000 likes, make strategies to achieve other goals (like increase website traffic, leads, sales etc.
  • Once you crossed 10,000 likes then focus only on your goals and post reach.

Creating a Facebook page step by step

It is very important to create an optimize Facebook for your business to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERP) and Facebook search results.

To create a Facebook page go to a given link and start creating following the given 8 steps.

  1. Page Type:
    When you will click the given link you will get two options : a) Business or brand b)Community or public figure. So, according to your requirements choose any of the option and start creating your Facebook page.
  2. Page Category:
    Choose the relevant page name and category for your business.
  3. Profile Picture:
    After hitting continue, you will get two option that are either to upload your profile picture or skip. If you want to skip then you can do it and can upload profile picture later or you can continue by uploading the profile picture.
  4. Facebook Cover Photo:
    After uploading your profile picture of the Facebook page, In the next step you have to upload the Facebook cover photo or also you can skip and can upload it later.
  5. Facebook Icon:
     You can also add icon according to your business requirements. Also keep this in mind that the size should be near about 540 X 540 pixels.
  6. Page Description:
    Describe your business in few words in about us section. Include your business keywords and a call to action.
  7. Apps & Tabs: 
    Try to promote other social media, display blog posts, collect email sign ups, sell your products, customer support.
  8. Page Settings: Your page business page setting should be according to your business requirements and according to your needs.

9 Proven rules to drive engagement in Facebook social marketing

Use the following 9 proven rules to drive engagement in Facebook social marketing for your posts that people will want to share with their friends and family.

  1. Like similar pages:
    Like your competitors pages and fill your newsfeed with their posts so that you can understand which types of posts are getting more engagements.
    People love to share and like motivational or fanciful quotes. Find these unique quotes and share in Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media platform or create your own unique quotes using image editing software like Canva or Photoshop.
  3. Facebook Contest:
    Run a Facebook contest and give people motive to like and share your posts. You can use Facebook contest app such as Wishpond or Gleam or  even you can ask question to complete an action on the post like  “share to win”, “caption to win” and “like and share to win”. Also do not forget to give details about the closing date.
  4. Videos:
    Use videos to discuss new topic or even you can go live to start discussion with the fan.
  5. Questions:
    Ask questions because this technique is the best way to start discussion with fans. This method is one of the best methods to get responds from your Facebook fans. Never ever forget to reply.
  6. Repost your popular content:
    Share your most successful blogs, videos, Quora Answers etc. which have already been successful on other social marketing platforms
  7. Use fill in the blank technique:
    e.g: If I would become a prime minister, then I would_________
  8. Time of Post:
    After posting several posts, check Facebook insights to see the best time to post to maximize reachability and engagements.
  9. Pin Posts:
    Give  more exposure to your most important posts which you want to get more visibility

Get organic likes using these 10 techniques for Facebook social marketing

Get relevant organic likes using  these 10 techniques

  1. Send invitation to your Facebook friends to like your business page
  2. Use Facebook groups to get more likes. Join at least 5 group related to your business. Start commenting and liking their as it is your personal profile and share link to your relevant Facebook post.
  3. Invite Email subscriber to like your page using mailchimp or other email providers.
  4. Encourage LinkedIn contacts to like and share your page.
  5. Persuade Gmail contacts to like your page (Gmail>Contacts>More>Export).
  6. Add business page as a work place in your Facebook profile.
  7. Ask employee to add business page as a work place in their Facebook profile.
  8. Add a link of your business page in your email signature. Also add link in your mailchimp account.
  9. Add a Facebook like box to your website.
  10. Share page in your personal Facebook profile.

Always check Facebook insight to improve social marketing strategy

Facebook insights are the best tool provided by the Facebook to find which posts are getting more audience. To measure your success, follow these additional 5 techniques which can amazingly grow your business.

1.Likes: It discloses the total number of people who have liked your page or posts within the specific time interval and also where the like has occurred such as on page, mobile, desktop etc. You can also compare how much likes you have got between paid and organic likes. Even you can see how many people have unlike your page or post.

2.Reach: Using Facebook insights you can also know that how many people have seen your post in the Facebook. You can even check engagement metrics, such as comments, shares, and likes.

3.Posts: It examine your content based on post type, total reach and engagement.

4.Visits: Visits give you a clue of which pages or tabs were visited and also which referring sites brought visitors to your Facebook page.

5.People: This Facebook insights let you know the demographics of your fan base. You can easily know the gender, location, language and compare people reach verses people engaged


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