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Why Is Link Building Important For Seo


You spent a lot of time and built the beautiful website. Now, your ultimate goal is to write the content and to get quality traffic. You can optimize the content you are writing, and you want to make money with your blogging in 2019.

However, you are not getting enough visitors even your content is top-notch. So how do you get quality traffic with the help of quality backlinks?

What is Link Building?

Link building

Link building is the process of building the links to your website from other sources. You are generating the hyperlink from other sites that means the visitor’s from the site will approach your site also if define the link is useful.

When search engines crawling the web, then they will call the links between the individual pages on your website. The more links you get from the reputed site, the more chances of pushing your ranks will increase.

Link building involves natural, self, and Manual techniques. When some other people find your article useful and when the link to your site then it will be the natural backlink,  that means you are not asking him to link your article. It has happened because your item is useful.

This is the most useful link building technique one should implement. This is only possible if you have the killer content.

Manual or Outreach link building

If you are approaching some bloggers for writers by saying that you have amazing content and you will feel good if the link to your article then it will be the manual link building.

You are asking someone to link your article on different article useful then people will link to your article. This will be the natural link building in the eye of Google, but you are approaching the people to get links from them. This will be the manual link building technique.

Self-made link building:

The self-made or self-created links are generally followed by the blog comment and off page SEO techniques.

You are building links Yourself by spending time without approaching anyone. It involves press release, article directory submission, guest posting on other sites, advertisement, infographic submission, directory submission, video submission and forum generation.

All these need time and techniques to build quality backlinks but it will take a very long time to get authority from this type of links. Most of the people are saying that these things will be considered under Black hat techniques, so you have to careful when you are building links using comments and directory submissions.

You should focus on natural and manual backlinks. There is only one way if you want to get natural links and that is building the quality content with useful information.

But for manual backlinks, you have to outreach the writers and bloggers with unique content. If you can get a quality Links from other sites that it will push up the authority of your site. And if you have more bad backlinks than the useful links, then your website will be in danger.

Make sure that you are curious, but you are cautious when building the backlinks because a wrong backlink will affect your authority.

Why do you need links? The importance of link building

So why do you need a lot of good backlinks to improve your authority? Here are the reasons why you should build quality backlinks. Search Engine Optimization, backlinks play a crucial role.

If you have the same content what your competitors have but if you have great authority and Powerful backlinks, then your site will go up.

Backlinks help in new sites

As we said above, if you have the amazing content compared to your competitors but you are still lagging in terms of rankings. So that’s the reason why you should develop the authority site to get better rankings even without a single backlink.

But for new sites, you have to build backlinks to gain trust from people and Google as well. Now, what will happen if you build the authority by gaining the quality backlinks? It will push the rankings of your articles in search engines.

This will amazingly help in competing with higher authority sites. If you can build the quality backlinks your site will get fast recognization in search engines.

Quality backlinks boost credibility.

After the Google update, you have to write amazing content which is useful for readers no matter what happens. You have to optimise the content for readers than the search engines.

Google uses backlinks to determine the repetition of your site in the current time. If you are a business owner and you have a lot of backlinks from good site then your business site will get more ranks than your competitors.

Now, this will also increase your credibility that means you can also run for the lookalike keywords. This is the reason why most of the people purchase the backlinks, but if the quality of the backlinks is terrible, then no one is going to help you.

Backlinks drive traffic to your website.

As we know, most of the people try to build backlinks to get quality traffic and authority. If someone is linking to your site and if the site has more visitors then the site is passing their visitors to your site.

This is the importance of building backlinks. The more visitors they are generating to the particular article, the more visitors you can get on your website because of the link juice.


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