Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing Essays

writing essays

What is an essay? It is a text that states thoughts on a given topic in a specific sequence. Only a good argument, an accurate reflection of one’s thoughts, and their distribution in a strict sequence allow you to write a good essay. In many educational institutions, an essay is perceived as a means of control. Many students don’t like to write essays. They do not know how and don’t want to do it. Still, an essay is a beneficial exercise that develops written language, spelling, and punctuation literacy if it is written correctly. This is where report writing services can come in handy, assisting students in honing their writing skills effectively.

Advantages of Writing Essays

Essays help develop the following skills:

  1. Essay contributes to the development of cognitive activity

Today, essays are written on various subjects. When writing an essay, students not only memorize facts but also understand the information acquired, learn to critically evaluate it, and use it in practice.

  1. It is an additional way to test knowledge

This kind of assignment encourages the student to delve more seriously into the issue. After all, you need to conduct a mini-research to write a good essay. Getting an A grade is impossible if you don’t study the information related to the topic of the essay. The body of the essay is the presence of specifics. Facts come to the fore. The writer has to determine effective ways of argumentation based on reliable information. General ideas and reasoning about everything at once and at the same time about nothing are not welcome.

  1. It teaches students to think

Thinking on paper, writing, a student stimulates the thought process. It is often difficult for us to say something out loud or formulate a thought. Writing an essay helps us focus: fixing all the ideas that appear in the head, you can highlight the main thing and formulate the essence and the main idea. Oral thinking and communication also develop our brains.

  1. It teaches to integrate details of disparate data into one whole

The essay develops the mastery of research and formulation of conclusions: it helps see the separate parts and the picture as a whole. It is the ability to see individual details, little things, the whole environment, and have a broad outlook and vision of the problem. This quality develops best when you work with many details and determine the main thing, writing all the important information down on paper. So, writing is one of the most useful ways to develop analytical talents.

  1. It develops logic

Writing an essay develops our logic. Along with other subjects (for example, algebra and geometry), literature and text creation form logical thinking. The ability to skillfully, consistently, and logically state an idea is the basis of the skill of influence. It is a quality required for a successful expert: people with the skill of persuasion are more successful than others and are always in the lead.

  1. Structuring information

When there is a lot of information, thoughts scatter, and opinions differ, the easiest way is to specify everything in writing. Writing everything down on paper emphasizes the essential thing. In addition, when writing an essay, you try to follow a certain order: either according to a once-created plan or intuitively. In this way, writing a text teaches you to structure any details.

Disadvantages of Writing Essays

Even though there are many advantages to writing an essay, there are also some disadvantages.

  1. The given topic is not liked by the student (objectively), or it is not significant for them, uninteresting

Every person should have the right to choose. As a rule, students get one essay topic in schools and colleges. Some students are completely unfamiliar with the topic of “family” issues, relationships, tragedies, and dramas, but they would love to write an essay about new technologies. It may be more interesting for someone to write essays on their interests, hobbies, and talents.

  1. The given topic is too general

If a topic is too general, it can be difficult for students to figure out what to write about, and what is expected of them.

  1. The given topic causes irritation, contradictions, internal conflict, and disagreement with public opinion

Sometimes, students have to write not what they think but what the teacher wants to get from them. If they “dare” to express their opinion, this can lead to bad consequences (bad grades, public condemnation, conflict with the teacher, message to parents, etc.).

The very idea of ​​developing a student’s writing skills is a good tool for developing the student’s intellect. But there is not enough “flexibility,” that is, the interests and individuality of students are not always taken into account. Perhaps, many would write essays much more willingly if topics were closer to students’ interests and current modern changes.

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So, the essay, like any other written text, teaches us to formulate thoughts clearly and understandably. This quality is indispensable for personal and professional development, communicating with other people, achieving goals, etc. Among other things, the skill of writing helps single out the main idea from a variety of information. It is indispensable, especially in our time. The ability to discard the extra and leave the main thing often saves us when everything changes every second. If you don’t have time to write an essay yourself for some reason, you can seek help from professionals. They will write it as the rules require.

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