Building Bitcoin to Last for Centuries


When we talk about Bitcoin or any other crypto, we need to make sure that the Bitcoin Foundation should come with diligence and good care while using these apps it can help inventors to find the best crypto assets .

You need to know that every change should come along with extreme caution. We have a history of maintaining privacy. The classic example comes from the past in the form of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

It has held a massive record for the biggest and the tallest structure developed by man for around 3.8K years. It was made with 2.3 million blocks, weighing about six million tonnes.

If you look at the foundation, it has massive granite blocks used to form chambers with a total weight of approximately 80 tonnes a year that went to suit about 40 meters, all above a good ground level.

The age of these pyramids was not less than 4.5K years old, which has emerged as the biggest surprise of the era to have a structure lasting for so many years. The BTC lovers want to keep this event for years to make it eternal.

Will Bitcoin outlive like the Great Pyramid?

As we tend to live with Bitcoin, a decade-old digital currency in the market, we expect to develop something that will outlive us and withstand many more assaults from nature and man.

We understand the objective of providing a global financial system that remains open to everyone. We see the scope of any venture and its impact to remain momentous compared to the pyramid.

Instead of using codes, we can see consensus and programming code that has become the basis of the coin. We can find similar monuments living all around the world.

These are everywhere that bring out individual security and different vulnerabilities for having some vigilance and shore up the possibilities.

We can find the engineering design to be incredibly open and private. It can help create a messy and entirely voluntary system that can help support and demand too many social layers that can work well.

We can find the system working on a voluntary scheme that further supports people in a big way gaining some good social layer coming on the top for coordinating some global level changes as moved to the status quo.

If you find it incredibly functional, it can survive for long, going through some harsh conditions that are still not coming for the orient for the code and social layer, giving away an unprecedented resilience. Anything else that comes with your is a risk of failure.

Bitcoin has room for further improvement.

As we see it existing in the global market, Bitcoin still has the chance to get further improvement. We know the construction of these monuments is still undergoing, but if people are keen to make these monuments last long, no one can afford to compromise.

We see several change propositions can come and vanish. You may find too many good options to try, and there remain terrible proposals. Bad actors come up behind the proposals, and we all see them growing in the right way.

You can find some good and bad recommendations.

Similarly, there are bad people behind these propositions. The change is considered a serious thing like medical surgery. Any harsh judgment can help make everyone propose to gain a reasonable risk.

One day, one can find that too many malicious actors are coming only to undergo Bitcoin via social engineering. It can take different forms and even help develop the code change with some obscurity and unexpected results.

It comes unexpectedly with the community coming along with its interests. The code is simple to check and find out the required skills that should remain clear and vigilant for people capable of learning to do things as per the requirements.

Also, you may find some social layer that remains at par with the immune system, and it can have several options made with node operators, and it comes up with the consensus that people tend to have in their lives. Similar is the story with Bitcoin that goes on the top to enjoy the best of the benefits. So, what do you want to enjoy in life? Go for it.

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