Best Site to Create a Professional Video Online

Best Site to Create a Professional Video Online

Making and designing videos has become one of the most sought-after things for everyone looking to provide good content on social media, such as people looking for TikTok fame or people looking to fulfill Facebook requirements to earn money.

And since montage programs are considered difficult to use programs, looking for alternatives to them was one of the most important things that made me look for sites that offer me this service online, mainly because I don’t have enough experience in making video montages.

You may wonder how I have no assembly experience, and the YouTube support site you are browsing links to a YouTube channel with the same name as the site…! In fact, we publish relatively well-edited technical videos; But the short answer is that engineer Muhammad Ta’amneh oversees the filming and publication of these videos. As for me, I don’t have that experience and I enjoyed creating some videos that I’m going to share with you on our Facebook page. That’s why I used this site, which I’ll talk about now; Follow the explanation.

The best free professional video editing software

Today we are going to talk about the FlexClip site, because in fact I have already used a large number of design sites spread over the internet that provide this service, but what motivated me to use this site alone are the functionalities that it provides, as one of the most important resources from the flexclip website are as follows.

Professional video design website features

  1. A simple and easy-to-use interface, which does not require you to have previous experience in using such websites.
  2. The presence of a large number of free intro designs.
  3. It contains a large number of videos dedicated to the end of the video, which you can use royalty-free.
  4. It contains all the video categories you need like travel, health, transportation, news, technology and many more ready-made designs that you can modify very easily.
  5. It contains a cloud storage capacity which helps you to save all the clips you created so that you can come back to them anytime.
  6. You can upload your own fonts to your account, and this is one of the things I liked most about this website, especially because all websites that provide online video design service do not have this feature, so Arabic fonts look very traditional, but on the flexclip site, the issue is different with this cool feature.
  7. You can adjust the video display time and have full control over the timeline of the video you are projecting.
  8. It allows you to add free images from the site’s library and use them in the video completely free of charge.
  9. You can also upload any recorded video from your phone or computer.
  10. It contains a very large number of resources that you can discover by using the site.
  11. You can specify the size and dimensions of the video according to the platform on which you want to publish the video, as the site provides sizes for all social networking sites such as Facebook or YouTube.
  12. You can add very nice and proper filters to adjust the video colors, which is one of the missing features in many similar websites.

How to make a professional video

The process of creating videos is very easy and will not cost you a lot of time and effort, so you only need to browse the site a little bit until you are familiar with the buttons and functions available in your account’s control panel, then start designing the video easily.

  • Go to the flexclip website and log in to your account using the available registration methods.
  • In your account’s control panel, you will find a large number of videos that you can use in the video you want to create, such as a special intro video, a countdown timer, or even videos that you can explain about.
  • Choose the video you liked and want to start with, as you can use the existing lists, which you can see in the image below.
  • Select the video size according to the dimensions you prefer, for example if you want to post the video on Facebook then its dimensions should be 9:16, then click on the “customize” option as you can see in the image Next.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the video editing page, which you see in the following image, and you will see the options on the left side to add modifications and effects to the video that suits you, and I will also explain to you all the functions who are in the field of video editing, read on.
  • After making the necessary adjustments, click on the “export” option and choose the video resolution you want, according to the plan you subscribed to, and you will soon know the prices of the plans.

Video editing options menu explained

You will notice in the following image that there are many options available to create a professional video, so using this attached image, I will explain all the available options so that you understand all the options and how you can benefit from them:

  1. Templates: This option allows you to add new videos such as intro or outro videos and you will also find an option for templates that you have previously added or saved in your account.
  2. Media: This option is so that you can upload any audio recording, video clip or even an image from your device to the video template you are designing, and you can also upload your own fonts, which I talked about you in the features some time ago.
  3. Text: This option allows you to write the texts you want to add to the video, as well as choosing the font type and display method.
  4. Subtitle: This option is if you want to create a video in a foreign language and want to put subtitles on it.
  5. Video: This option allows you to add short video clips that you can use for free and royalty-free.
  6. Photo: Also, this option allows you to add a photo or a group of photos to the video clip you are creating.
  7. Audio: As with the previous two options, you can add a set of sounds or sound effects to your video clip.
  8. Element: This option is to add elements to the video, which helps you to use clearer explanation tools.
  9. Overlay: This option is intended to add navigation options between the video clips you have added in order to make the video more professional when playing.
  10. Background: this option offers a large number of animated backgrounds that will give the video you are projecting a very great and professional aesthetic at work.
  11. Branding: Finally, this option allows you to add rights to the video you are projecting, such as adding a watermark or your own logo, with the aim of preserving the rights.

To Sum Things Up

Finally, I hope I was able to explain in an easy and simplified way the best website for creating professional videos, and to have helped you to know its features and how to use it, in addition to the prices and features of the plans.

Dear visitor, We make a great effort trying to provide the correct information and virus free software, so do not save with us by writing your opinion in the comments. the content we make available.

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