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fotojet review

There is no doubt that to be successful on social networks. It is essential to attract the user’s attention. Some people resort to exaggerated or false headlines, but there are better ways to grow on the networks for ethical and effective reasons.

Another way to be successful is by creating quality content, be it written or multimedia. The problem is that even if an article or a video is fascinating, it is easier to succeed if we do something to motivate the user to click on it. Still, there is a way: a good design of the content thumbnail.

It has been shown that the contents that show a striking and quality image are much more successful than those that do not have an image, or if they do have one, it is not of quality. In addition, we must include graphics, images, photographs, etc.

Problem solved!! Not at all.

If we are already clear about the importance of the image to attract attention and that this, in addition to being striking, has to be of a certain quality in its design, we only have solved the first part of the equation since these are the pitfalls that exist What to overcome to do a good design job for social media or any other type of post:

  1. Have average knowledge of design.
  2. Have a good library of images, videos, clips, sources, etc.
  3. Have the rights to use the libraries to use them in our content and publish them.
  4. Have the necessary software to carry out the designs.
  5. Be creative and have good taste.
  6.  Allow enough time to create the designs.
  7.  Have the economic capacity to acquire the software and the rights of the bookstores. (In this case, there is free or GNU software and sites with free images, clips, and videos, although it is different from a quality bookstore).

This would discourage anyone since most of us who make content surely suffer from one or more of the points listed above, but no, we should not be discouraged because there is a solution for almost all of the points.

Problem solved!! Now yes.

Some online platform options allow you to edit images, videos, designs, etc. I have had the opportunity to try several of them to see if they can help me solve some of the problems I mentioned before. I also need some of them, such as lack of time, that I am not always creative and it also saves me time looking for images and resources and checking if they are copyrighted or free to use. I’m going to the point. Of all the options I’ve tried, I prefer Fotojet. Now I will argue my decision.

Why I have chosen Fotojet.

First of all, because, although with some limitations, Fotojet offers a free version that allows you to use it and check if it meets your expectations. The free option is perfectly valid to start creating designs and of course includes libraries.

Different payment methods are affordable if you need more features (templates, images, clips, etc.).

From now on, it is time to explain what Fotojet is.

I am not going to do a tutorial on how to use Fotojet, among other things, because it is elementary and intuitive to use, but I am going to explain its functionalities and characteristics.

An online design application but also an app for computers.

FotoJet is an online graphic design, collage creation, and photo editing tool that is based on HTML5 technology. It allows you to create posters, flyers, logos, banners, social media graphics, collages, and photo cards. Plus, it makes photo editing easy, offering you 900+ professional layouts, 600+ creative collage templates, 80+ classic photo grids, and plenty of powerful editing tools.

It can work both from the Internet browser and be downloaded as an independent application for operating systems such as Windows or Mac. This allows us to continue working from anywhere from the online version, even if we don’t have our computer with us, since the designs are saved online.

Inside Fotojet.

Fotojet is divided into three main parts: Design, Collage, Edit, and Video Editor.


The graphic designer section comes with many unique features. It allows users to choose from many different templates, including a custom blank template if they want to start from scratch. Text fonts, stock photos, effects, backgrounds, and more are included.

This area is basically for designing cards, any card:

Posters Banners

โ€“ Promos

โ€“ Brochures

โ€“ Magazines and more.

Pre-designed templates allow you to drag and drop pre-loaded images to your desired design template. You can edit your images wherever you like (edit texts, change fonts, colors, and more). After that, you can save what you created, share it with your network on all channels, or download it to your device.


The collage maker allows you to create photo collages in various ways. It has many different templates, including photos, effects, layouts, and backgrounds.

Uploading images is easy. You can upload images from your computer or your Facebook profile. You can also use the drag-and-drop feature to place your images where appropriate in the collage maker and start working on it.

Within the variety of collages, there are templates for:






And wide more varieties.

Image editor:

Fotojet also incorporates an image editor, with which it is possible to retouch and adjust the photographs to better adapt them to the design in which they are working. It has the most common editing tools up to filters of various types, and it offers what is necessary to be able to carry out the work without problems.

Video editor :

It also offers the possibility of editing videos, but externally, since it forwards us to Flexclip, an online editing website comparable in features and quality to Fotojet, but for video. In addition, it includes countless libraries of video, music, effects, templates, etc. See our article on Flexclip or visit the Flexclip website to find out more.



One of the most exciting parts of Fotojet is the number of templates available for any design. The templates help the creativity part since we can use them as they are, only changing the texts or modifying them entirely. They are an excellent way to start a project without starting from scratch.

On the other hand, since there are templates for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc., it greatly facilitates the work since the templates’ dimensions are adjusted to those social networks’ requirements.

The library of graphic resources.

One of the essential parts of Fotojet is that in addition to the tools and templates, you have more than 1,000,000 images and clips for us to use in our designs, and we don’t have copyright problems. Undoubtedly one of the most important things to do a quality job is to be able to access this amount of images, which are also of high quality.


It is a very easy and comfortable tool, with many templates that save us design work. Having templates for almost all social networks greatly facilitates the work of making designs for Facebook profiles, Instagram, thumbnails for YouTube videos, etc.

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