I forgot Snapchat password- what to do?

forgot Snapchat password

Forgot Snapchat password? No worries, we have got your back. We have come up with yet another article on how to recover your Snapchat passwords in case you forgot it.

It often happens that you forget passwords of various socials because you forgot to jot them down sometimes. And that’s completely fine. It also happens with us. You’re not the only one.

Keeping aside this, lets us know a bit about this application. In case you don’t know what exactly Snapchat is, this is for you then.

Snapchat is a social texting platform where you can text and send snaps to various other registered users. People can also get to know your location from this application. It has so many filters which are obviously fun to use.

You must be thinking that you forgot Snapchat password and you have no way to retrieve back your account. This is wrong. You have a solution.

Follow the steps of this article to reset Snapchat password

I Forgot Snapchat Password- What Can I Do?

If you have forgotten your Snapchat password, follow the steps below.

1. Open Snapchat.

2. From the yellow page, click on the login option, denoted by the black arrow.

3. The following window appears and here you can see spaces for filing your email and password. Under the login option, denoted by the blue arrow, click on Forgot your password?

4. A notification appears asking you to reset your Snapchat password Via Phone and Via Email.

How To Reset The Password Via Phone?

• If you want to reset using Via Phone, click on the yellow arrow.

• Then, choose the country code where the green arrow indicates and after that, type in your phone number where the blue arrow indicates.

• After you put in the number, you can see that the Continue option has become blue. Tap on it.

• You might be asked to confirm the fact that you are not a robot. You might also be given a captcha to solve.

Enter the confirmation code you receive on the number. Tap on Continue again

• On the next screen, you have to set your new password.

• You’ve to put the password two times. And click on Continue.

• You will receive a text regarding a successful password change

How to change your Snapchat password Via Email?

• If you want to reset the password via email, click on the orange arrow

• You’ll be lead on to a new page, put in your email id. Then click on submit.

• You’ll receive a mail-in the new id. In your mail, click on the link that says reset password.

• Now, put in your new password twice and click on Continue.

• Your password will be successfully reset.

How to reset Snapchat password using Google?

1. Click on the link below. https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/login?continue=/accounts/welcome

2. Straight away, click on Forgot password.

3. If you want to reset via Phone Number, click on it. Put your phone number and then press Continue. After you receive the code, the code is in place and you can now put a new password.

4. If you want to reset via Email, click on the option. Put your email id and press on submit. You will receive a mail from which you can reset your Snapchat password.


You should remember the point that if you forget Snapchat password, you will not ve able to retrieve your old password for the account. You will have to do whatever is told above and then, make a new password. Sometimes, too many similar password to the old password often doesn’t work provided you forgot Snapchat password.

We hope this helps you understand clearly what to do when you had forgot Snapchat password. Stay tuned for more helpful articles.

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