How To Use Google AdSense Like A Pro | Google AdSense Tutorial

Google Adsense Tutorial

Do you own a blog or website or YouTube channel or Mobile Apps?
If the answer is yes, have you ever tried to monetize your blog or YouTube channel? If not, then this is the perfect article for you. Today in this Google Adsense tutorial, I would provide you with a complete step by step guidance on AdSense, and you would be able to learn to monetize your website ultimately.

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“Let us learn Google Adsense in detail.”

Google Adsense Tutorial: How does Google Adsense work?

Google has a product named Google AdSense, which allows blogger, YouTube channel owner and website owner to earn money.

Now you must be wondering how it works. Do not worry, and I am here to explain you step by step in this Google Adsense tutorial.

Let us start with some real-life example.

Suppose you have a travel blog and you have decided to monetize it. So, to earn money through Google AdSense, you would have to sign up for Google AdSense and have to wait for the approval. When your AdSense account is approved, then Google would start showing an advertisement to your blog or YouTube channel and when any visitor visits your blog or YouTube, and if they click to an ad, then Google pays you per click.

In this way, you can earn money through Google’s AdSense.

How does Google earn from AdSense?

It is very simple; Google acts as a mediator between advertisers and publishers. It charges money from the advertiser through the Google Adwords program and then displays their ad on the blogs and YouTube videos according to their business or niche. On the other hand, if any visitors click on the active ad, it pays some part (68%) of the money, charged from advertisers to the publishers and keeps rest of the parts (32%).

Google AdSense Sign up Procedure?

I hope you have understood how AdSense works. Now I would show you step by step tutorial on how to sign up for Google AdSense.

Let us dive into the Google AdSense tutorial step by step.

Before creating an AdSense account, let us check how we would identify the ad on a website. For example, visit an NDTV website. If you would look at the header and sidebar of the website you can see the ad is being displayed. These are the ads by Google. 

Google AdSense Tutorial

Due to these ads, websites are earning huge amount of money.

Steps of creating AdSense Account

Let us start creating Google AdSense account step by step.

First of all, go to Google website and type the keyword Google AdSense and hit the enter key and click the link or click the link and it would redirect you to a Google AdSense “Signup Now” page.

Google Adsense Sing up

Secondly, click to the Sign Up Now button, before sign up it is advisable to read the Terms & Conditions of Google AdSense. It is to remind you that to use the products you should be 18 years of age.

So, after clicking the “Sign Up” button fill up all the details such as your website’s URL, Gmail id. You should keep in your mind that here you are learning about the website’s AdSense approval. For YouTube, Terms & conditions for AdSense approval is different with respect to website’s AdSense.

Google AdSense Fill Up details

After filling up your blog URL and Gmail id, if you are looking for extra AdSense tips and tricks information at your email address, you can click to “Yes” option or you can click to “No”. It is on your choice.

Thirdly, click the button “Save and Continue”. After that, you would be logged in AdSense through your Gmail. If you have used wrong Gmail then also you have an option to change and modify it. In addition to this before clicking “CREATE ACCOUNT” recheck all the information which you have filled within the form.

Google AdSense

If everything is fine, select your territory or country and accept the “Terms & conditions” button by putting a tick mark on the radio button “Yes, I read and accept the agreement”.

Finally, after the third step, your Google AdSense account would be created automatically for that particular Gmail and website.

How to Use AdSense on your website?

Now your account has been created in Google AdSense. When you look at the AdSense’s dashboard, you would see that it is asking for payment details, so let us fill the details step by step.

  1. Account Type:
    Here in account type, you would get two options to choose. If you are making the account on behalf of your company, then click to business and provide all the details according to your company profile.
    If you are an individual, then select the individual option and fill up all the essential details, such as your name, address, etc.

    You must provide the correct information because when you would have $10 in your account, then Google will send you a verification code through a postcard at your address to confirm the address which you have given in the account is yours. To confirm your address, you would have to insert the verification code in your AdSense account.

    Google AdSense

  2. Verify Your Phone Number

    After giving all the correct information, click the submit button and your form will get submitted automatically, and after that, Google AdSense would ask you to verify your phone number. To verify your phone number, click on text messages. After this, you would get a code on your phone number, insert that code within the text box and verify it by clicking the submit button. Verify your number

  3. Connect Your Website To Google AdSense

    To connect and verify that you are the owner of the given website, you would have to copy and paste the code in the head section of the website and after that click to verify.
    Google Adsense Website connection code

Wait For Adsense Notification

If everything is done correctly, then you would have to wait for the Google AdSense verification. It usually takes less than a day, but in some cases, it may take longer time.

If you are a WordPress user, it becomes easier to copy and paste the Google AdSense code. The AdSense has a complete manual regarding WordPress. If you face any problem, you can go through the AdSense WordPress Manual.

Let us check how you would add code in a WordPress Website

Adding Google AdSense To Your WordPress Website

I hope you have liked this Adsense tutorial, In the next article, I would let you know how you would add Google AdSense Code in your WordPress Website. Till then keep coming to my website for regular update.

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