Here’s All You Need to Know About Cyber Asset Management

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Cyber asset management is a field of security programming, the aim of which is to create tools that enable companies to account for all of their digital and hardware assets in order to protect them from attack. In recent years, cyber asset management has become a hot topic in IT security and is being made use of by more and more companies concerned with the likelihood of an attack. Here is everything you need to know about cyber asset management.

It Produces A Security ‘Picture’

Groups like Panaseer Cyber Asset Management pride themselves on being able to offer companies a complete picture of their IT security condition. Cyber asset management systems essentially allow a company to gain insight into their IT security functionality in order to prevent criminals from gaining vectors of attack. This complete picture includes hardware, software and cloud assets. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in any of these systems in order to gain access to a network. The only real way of keeping them out is to have a complete picture of the security situation.

It Helps You To Control Vulnerabilities

With the big picture provided by a cyber asset management program, a company’s cybersecurity team can effectively plug holes in their defenses. There are all kinds of vulnerabilities that can go unnoticed without cyber asset management. Poorly policed protocols, unencrypted data channels and poor handling of hardware scrapping can all be used by hackers. Crucially, cyber asset management enables an IT team to plug security gaps without impacting the security of other assets because they are able to see the bigger picture. Knowledge is power, and cyber asset management systems give a company a whole lot of knowledge about the digital assets that they have under their nominal control.

It Provides Real Time Information

Cyber asset management programs are equipped to notify network managers when new vulnerabilities are detected. New vulnerabilities can emerge when new hardware or software is incorporated into a network, or when new modes of cybercrime attack are developed. It is very important that real time alerts are issued so that a company can take action designed to limit the impact of any new vulnerability and protect their sensitive data. The best cyber asset management systems include continuous discovery, classification, assessment and reporting functions. Networks change all the time – they can be made fundamentally insecure by even the most minor change. Continuous real time knowledge is important.

It Saves Time

Ultimately, all of the tasks completed by a cyber asset management system are ones that should be completed by an IT team regardless. The main difference is that large networks are impossible to efficiently manually check for vulnerabilities. Cyber asset management tools save time by automating this process to a large degree. This means that IT teams can get on with core tasks without constantly auditing and checking for vulnerabilities in an ever-changing cyber asset environment. Time is money, and cyber asset management tools save a huge amount of time.

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