How Does Plagiarized Content Affect a Website’s Ranking? 4 Pro Tips to Improve Content

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For search engine optimization purposes, there are a couple of different kinds of plagiarism to look out for. There’s text and image plagiarism that can affect a website’s ranking, but there’s also the kind of plagiarism that happens when someone steals content without even trying to rephrase/quote it.

It is important for publishers to be aware of what kind of content they put on their site. By ensuring that their content is original and only used by themselves, they can make sure their website rankings are not affected.

In this article, we will discuss the effects of plagiarism for your website as well as some tips to improve your website’s content.

How does plagiarized content affect the ranking of a website?

Plagiarism has become so popular that it’s starting to spread. Everyone seems to be copying other websites’ content, which is not only illegal but also unprofessional.

Not only do they affect the quality of the content, but they also lose the interest of the readers.

This is because readers do not want the same content on every website they land on.

Plagiarism causes havoc in search engine optimization and affects the ranking of the website immensely.

You can use the free plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism.

4 Pro Tips to Improve Content

You may write your content in so many ways. There are millions of people doing the same thing. If you want to stand out from them, you need to come up with something unique that stands out from all the other writers. It’s the same with the content on your website.

There are some tricks and techniques you should follow when creating content. In particular, search engine optimization of your content is a key factor in improving the quality of website content.

Here are some pro tips that will help your website rank better and reduce the risk of plagiarism:


For research, you need to search not only Google but also other sources on a particular topic such as;

  • Google Scholar
  • Published research papers
  • Books and e-books

The structure and outline of your content must be clear and from authentic sources. This will increase the readability and originality of the content. To avoid plagiarism, check and improve the quality of the content, thorough research plays an important role. With this technique, your website can also rank better and attract the most visitors.


Here comes the most important part of plagiarism checking, which is citations and references.

While citing and referencing the text and content, a certain procedure must be followed.

We need to use citations to reduce the risk of copyright infringement. Try to link your content with these citations to maintain the charm of these sources.

Expand your knowledge by learning more about the method and styles for references and citations (APA, MLA, Chicago etc.)

This will help you provide authentically cited content for your website that will reach the widest possible audience. This will increase the reach and automatically improve the ranking of your website.

Another benefit could be the use of quotes from related authors or people. Valid quotes also help increase the readability of content and are a plus for readers.

If you are a newbie, you can use an easy-to-understand software for citations and references. This will grab the attention of your readers and you can also connect them with your future writings.


Paraphrasing is one of the harmful practices that can greatly affect your website’s ranking. You need to write original content and make it unique. Avoid copying from other website sources. Copying content is an illegal act that can cause great harm to your website.

The best strategy to create unique content is to use active and passive sentences. You must not just copy and paste the content. Try to take points and then write them in your writing style.

This way, you will not only avoid paraphrasing, but you will also be able to create quality content for the website and beautify your text.

This way, you can improve your paraphrasing skills and techniques, which will ultimately have a positive impact on your website’s search engine optimization and ranking.


The free plagiarism checker available on the internet can be used to check duplicate content.

Plagiarism checking can help you avoid duplicate content and create original and attractive content.

Once of you have done paraphrasing or you have rewritten all the content manually, you must check the duplicate content using online plagiarism checkers.


With all the above tips and tricks, you can avoid plagiarized content on your websites.

Plagiarized content causes chaos and destruction and is illegal at the same time. Not only does it harm the content in question, but it can also get your website banned for life.

If you are starting a blog or a website where you publish content and want to increase the reach, you must follow the above tips to make your blogs stand out.

This will maintain the loyalty of your readers and improve the reputation of your website. Readers will keep choosing your website when they need information.

Also, it has now become super easy to check plagiarism with the help of unlimited free plagiarism checkers and tools.

You need to check every piece of content you publish before you put it on your website.

Make sure you proofread and edit your content according to the best SEO practices and techniques so that you can target a wider audience.

The more search engine optimized content you publish, the more Google will boost your website in search engine rankings.

Try to update your content in a timely manner to avoid the risk of plagiarism. Since the number of websites is growing.

Test your content with the help of SEO tools to know the statistics of your website.

This will increase the credibility of your website and you can take necessary action before it is too late.

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