How to change time on Windows 10 manually and automatically?

How to change time on Windows 10

Is the date and time on your Windows 10 showing incorrectly? Did you restart your computer? Or did you fly to another country with your laptop? 

We have got you covered. Do not worry, as we will tell you how to change the time on Windows 10, both manually and automatically.

This blog covers both ways to do it. You can set it up by yourself or let the machine do it. Both ways are straightforward. Just follow the guide, and the time on your Windows 10 will be fixed. 

A thing to remember before changing the time on Windows 10

For this fix, you will have to use the operating system’s Settings. It has been seen previously that, changing the time on Windows 10, often has led to some sort of disturbance. Some applications or softwares, whichever you call it, happened to work in an imperfect way. And by that we mean, those certain applications or softwares started to malfunction as the time has been set to something else. If you experience any such troubles, you should go back to the original data and time settings. 

How to change time on Windows 10 manually?

For changing your time manually on Windows 10, you will have to use the Settings of the operating system. Follow the five steps given below without missing anyone to achieve a successfully changed time on your Windows:

  1. Go to the in-built Settings on your laptop/PC. If you can not find it, you can press the Windows+ i- key to open the app. 
  2. Once the Settings window appears, you will notice a compilation of options like- Devices, Phone, Network & Internet, Apps, Accounts, and Time & Language. From here, choose Time & Language option. 
  3. The Date & Time page will open. Under the Current date and time subpart, you will have to make sure that both Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically are turned off. This means the toggle switches have to be Off. 
  4. Under those two options, there is another one called Set the date and time manually. Click on the Change switch that lies beneath it. 
  5. A new page will appear called Change Date and Time. Now, you will find that there are options for choosing the Date and Time manually. So you will have to set them manually now. And then click on the Change option. And your date and time on Windows 10 will be changed manually. 

How to change time on Windows 10 automatically?

For this, you will be required again to do the whole procedure from the in-built Settings application on your PC/ laptop. This feature of setting the clock automatically is always a default setting. So in case you have changed the settings, these steps are for you.  So, blindly follow the steps written down to set time on your Windows 10 automatically so that you do not need to change it every time you travel to someplace new. 

  1. Open the Settings on your laptop/ PC. 
  2. When the settings page opens, click on the Time & Language option from the sic options that appear on the window. It is the last option on the Settings page. 
  3. Then when the page appears, under the Current date and time, in the Date & time page, go to the Set time automatically option dan toggle the switch on. 
  4. Then, underneath that option, you will find the Set time zone automatically. Toggle the switch on again. And your operating system will adjust its clock automatically.


Now that you already have read the steps on how to change the time on Windows 10, it is not a big deal to do it. If you want to read more helpful stuff like knowing what is a task manager, you read via BeingOptimist. We share, with the world, articles that would help you to understand technology in an easy way. And the best part is, that we post every week!

You can let us know if this worked out for you. And stay updated for more articles like this one.

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