Step By Step Guide: How to Delete Games on PS4 to Free up Storage Space

how to delete Games on PS4

You’ve got too many games, so your PS4 is running out of space? Are precious moments in your game room ruined because you don’t feel like turning on any of the games you have installed? We’ve all been there. There are just too many good games for this console. God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption 2, and many, many more… No ones hard drive could really hold so many fine titles.

While they usually take up 25-30 GB, games can weigh up to 50GB. In no time at all, your 500GB internal PS4 hard drive fills up with titles that you don’t take care of what you keep and what to toss.

A frequently asked question is – can you reinstall deleted games from your PS4? And the answer is absolutely yes. Just because you deleted a game doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay again to play it.

So, here’s a step by step guide to making room for more games on your favorite gaming console.

How to Delete Games on PS4

The process is very simple and straightforward.

  1. Find the game you want to delete. You can find the game either on the quick menu or directly in your library. Select it on your
  2. While the game is selected, press the options button on your controller. This will open up a scrolling drop down menu. One of the items listed will be Delete.
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Delete’ option and press OK using the X button on your controller. And that’s it! The game is now deleted, and you have more free storage on your PS4.

That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

The Other Way to Free Up Storage Space on Your PS4

Here’s a more detailed way to decide which games you want to get rid of. This way allows you to see exactly how much memory each game is taking up.

  1. Go to your PS4 Home Screen
  2. On the far right side of the screen, find the ‘Storage’ option.
  3. Select ‘Application’
  4. There, you will find a detailed list of all games installed on your PS4. Next to the title, you will see the size it’s taking up on your hard drive.
  5. This information will help you decide exactly which game needs to be removed to make more precious storage on your drive.

Deleting Games from the PS4 Storage Directly

When making space on your PS4, you may want to consider navigating to the System Storage menu. There, you will find a detailed view of the games you have installed, and how much space they take both on your system storage and any external storage units you may have attached to your console. Sometimes deleting one 50GB game will be all it takes to free up storage space for your latest purchase.

  1. From the Home Screen, navigate to the Settings area
  2. Select Storage
  3. Choose System Storage if you want to see games taking up too much space on your PS4 internal hard drive. If you want to see what’s clogging up any of your external drives, navigate to Extended Storage.
  4. The best thing about navigating this way is deleting multiple titles at once. Select all the games you want to remove and hit delete with the checkboxes fields filled.
  5. Confirm your selection, and bam – more storage is available for the latest AAA title.

How to Reinstall Games on Your PS4

Deleting a game from your PS4 storage does not mean you have to pay for them again if you want to give them another go. You’ve already paid for them once, so there is no need to do it again. This goes for both games you bought and the ones you got access to through your Playstation Plus subscription.

Adhere to the following instructions when you want to reinstall games on PS4.

  1. Navigate to your Library
  2. Scroll down to Purchased. For Playstation Plus games, highlight the yellow plus sign under Purchased.
  3. You will now see a list of all games you have purchased
  4. The games that are not currently installed on your console will have a download option on their card
  5. Click the download button and presto – you’ll be able to play your game in a matter of minutes. Depending, of course, on your connection speed.

In Conclusion

Here’s a quick recap on deleting games from your PS4 storage.

It’s quick and easy, and it will allow you to make room for games you really want to play. The best part is, you’re able to reinstall them at any point. Uninstalling games from your PS4 internal or external storage does not mean you will have to pay for them again.

Remember to enjoy your time while playing games – that’s what they’re for!

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