How to Learn English with Movies

how to learn english with movies

There is no choice of language that can fulfill the requirement of English. In this present world there is no other option without knowing English. Today we will talk about how we can develop our English by watching movies.

There are many ways to improve your English through watching movies, it is a good habit that will give you better ideas. You can watch movies with subtitles and learn new words and phrases. Watching movies will make you comfortable with the way people speak in real life. This is the right way now to improve your English.

We will today know about 10 top English movies that will help us to improve. There is another easy way where you can try hiring an Online Tutor and learn from him. Also you can hire Spanish Tutors too. 

Top 10 movies to learn English

There are a lot of movies which help us to learn English, so we have shortlisted 10 of them and now will discuss them. Hope you will find it helpful. 

The Hunger Games (2012)

Total duration- 2h 22m

It is a full adventure related movie where the actors go through some jungle events and participate in a game. This was a big hit and you will enjoy the movie very much, it will also help you to learn good english from here. 

Toy Story (1995)

Total duration- 1h 21m

This is a full animated movie for kids, but it was a really good movie that was appreciated by all adults for the amazing story. Here the characters made the viewers happy and made a really good ending. You will love it and it will help you to have a good English base. 

Akeelah and the Bee (2006)

Total duration- 1h 52m

This movie is about a gifted girl who is always running away from school, then she was very much underestimated in the society. Then she was in a competition and she was the winner! The story is very interesting and about education, it will amaze you a lot. 

Jurassic World (2015)

Total duration- 2h 04m

It is as usual a Dinosaur movie, like other Jurassic park movies, where you will find a lot of excitement and action. It is loaded with new ideas and you cannot blink for 2 hour. So, watch it and develop your english learning a lot. 

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Total duration- 1h 49m

This is a story of a new graduate who starts his journey in a job and experiences a lot of things. It is not only a fun corporate movie but there are a lot of things that a new person faces in the job market. You can both enjoy and develop speaking skills from this movie. 

The Intern (2015)

Total duration- 1h 01m

It is a one step ahead movie where we will see how an old man struggles. It is about an old man, who thought to start his job after 70 years in a fashion house. The story is amazing and you can enjoy it a lot.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Total duration- 1h 52m

This is about a girl who reaches another world named Oz after a tornado there she goes through many incidents and it might be a good story for you. 

Ratatouille (2007)

Total duration- 1h 51m

Have you seen a rat cooking, it happened in this movie and there is a lot of excitement. It is a great movie to watch and learn English. 

Split (2016)

Total duration- 1h 57m

This movie is about Kevin who has some disorders, this is very exciting to watch and learn how to handle every situation. 

Cast Away (2000)

Total duration- 2h 23m

Here you will see that the actor is lost on an island and he is trying to survive. It is a great movie to enjoy and learn English.

5 Tips to Learn English with Movies

You can try learning English from Movies, but we will explain how. 

Turn on English Subtitles

When you see a movie just turn on the subtitles, it will help you a lot. In this way you can understand and learn good English. 

Take notes of your favorite quotes

You can take note of your favorite dialogues and it may make your day.

Choose movies at your level

Choose any movie that suits you as you will only enjoy that. This is the way you can love the movie and watch it from the heart. 

Pick your favorite category

You can only see and enjoy movies that are from a special category, here you will find your interest and follow the trend. 

Have a goal that you need to understand at least 60% of the movie

Try to see the movie again and again to understand it fairly. Or why do you waste time? Utilize your time. 


You give your best to learn English from movies, try to watch a movie daily to have practice. Here you can go for other methods too. Try AmazingTalker to hire an Online Tutor and learn from him. Also you can hire a Spanish Tutor too. 

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