Is iCloud Photos Part of iCloud Services?

iCloud Photos

Formerly called iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Photos is integral to iCloud services. It stores your entire photo library in the cloud so you can access your pictures on any Apple device using the same Apple ID. 

iCloud Photos uses the iCloud storage space to upload and store videos and photos from Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads. For example, if you have iCloud Photos enabled on your iPhone 14 Pro, the pictures and videos you take will be uploaded to the cloud. You can view the photos and videos on your Mac or iPad Pro within seconds. The images and videos will be in full resolution. 

You can use this function as a backup photo service, storage optimizer, syncing service, or photo sharing site. 

How To Enable iCloud Photos?

To use iCloud Photos, you must set it up first. 

  • Set up iCloud and sign into the account using the same Apple ID on all your Apple devices. 
  • On your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, go to the Settings app > tap your name > iCloud > Photos > tap the switch next to Sync this (device). 
  • On Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K, head to the Settings app > Users and Accounts > iCloud > switch on iCloud Photos. 
  • On your Mac, click the Apple menu > System Preferences or Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Photos > click the switch next to Sync This Mac. 

How to view iCloud Photos?

iCloud Photos quickly syncs all media across Apple devices. You can view iCloud Photos in the following ways:

  • Use the iCloud Photos app 
  • Access iCloud Photos on your Mac 
  • Use the Photos app to view iCloud Photos 
  • Go to from a web browser on your smartphone or computer, sign in, and follow the instructions on the screen. 

How Does iCloud Photos Work After It Is Set Up?

Once you have turned on iCloud Photos, the function will automatically keep all the videos and photos you take in iCloud. You can access this library from any of your Apple devices if you use the same Apple ID. 

The videos and photos will be organized into days, months, years, and all photos. All of the people and memories will also be updated. Thanks to this, you can quickly find the family member, the moment, or the friend you seek. Moreover, the changes you make on one device will immediately be synced to another. 

In iCloud, the pictures and videos are stored in their original formats. The formats include PNG, HEIF, RAW, JPEG, MP$, HEVC, 4K, Live Photos, etc. Depending on the pictures and video format, it may take some time for you to see your stored collection. 

Does Deleting Or Modifying Pictures Get Updated In iCloud Photos?

Yes, it does. When you delete or modify videos and pictures in one of your Apple devices, the changes reflect across the synced devices. 

For instance, if you make any edits in the Photos application on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, the picture automatically gets updated across all Apple devices. However, the original images and videos remain stored in iCloud, and you can always go back to them if required. 

Similarly, if you delete videos or photos on one device, they will be deleted on all the devices using iCloud Photos. However, if you delete something by mistake, you can recover it within thirty days by checking the Recently Deleted folder. 

Can You Access iCloud Photos While Offline?

Subscribing to iCloud’s suite of services means enabling iCloud Photos, which will sync the entire image and video library across Apple devices. You can use the Photos app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad to view the images you have saved or taken to the library of your current device. The images or videos also get synced with the more extensive cloud library. 

If you wish to view the library offline, you must download everything. However, the videos and images from iCloud Photos will be locally saved on your device, and you can view them whenever you want without an Internet connection. 

What To Do If iCloud Photos Has Run Out Of Space?

iCloud Photos is a part of iCloud. Therefore, whenever you are saving pictures or videos, you are utilizing iCloud storage. And this space is limited. 

Initially, 5GB storage is given for free to all iCloud users. However, saving videos and images at full resolution takes up a lot of space. You can free space by deleting photos and videos in iCloud Photos. Alternatively, you can delete old backups and folders you don’t need anymore. 

Consider upgrading iCloud storage by changing storage plans and buying more storage. 

The Conclusion 

iCloud Photos is a part of iCloud services, and this is where your videos and images are stored and synced across Apple devices. This is one of the best ways to store and share photos and videos. 

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