Ps4 not connecting to WiFi: How to fix it?

Ps4 not connecting to WiFi How to fix it

An internet connection for PS4 is essential not only for online play. Some of the main functionalities of the console require the user to be online.

You won’t be able to watch videos or play music. Multiplayer gaming is off the table. Installing new games is impossible. You can’t update your system.

That’s why it can be very frustrating if your PS4 can’t connect to the internet.

Here’s a list of troubleshooting procedures for this situation.

Is the Playstation Network Online?

Gamers often misdiagnose the lack of internet connection on their PS4 as a problem with their WiFi. This may not always be the case.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t located on your side of the equation. It’s not your WiFi network that’s not working, it’s Sony’s servers experiencing issues.

You can check the status of the PlayStation Network on this link. Of course, you’ll have to access this link from another device since the internet on your PS4 is not working.

On this page, you will encounter a dropdown menu. This menu contains all the different regions the PSN operates in.

Choose your region. If the site says the network is offline, there will probably be an explanation and an estimated time when the network will be online again. If the site says the network is online, then move on to another step.

Restart your modem and router

After you’ve made sure the PSN is online and the problem is really on your side, it’s time to do the easiest step and solve most issues – restarting your modem and router.

Modems and routers failing is a regular occurrence, even if you have a fiber internet subscription.

Reboot the modem and router manually. This usually means pulling their power plugs out of the wall sockets, waiting around ten seconds, then plugging the devices back in.

Wait about five minutes, then try to connect to the internet through your PS4 again. Chances are the reboot will have restored your connection, and you’ll be good to go.

If you are unsure how to reboot your devices, refer to their owner’s manual and look up the correct procedure. Alternatively, you can call your Internet Service Provider, and they will guide you through the process.

Reboot your PS4

Again, turning a device off and on again will usually solve most problems you encounter.

Here’s how to reboot your PS4

  • Press and hold the PS button on your controller
  • When the menu pops up, select Power
  • Select Restart PS4
  • You can also select Turn Off PS4, then turn it back on again. Just don’t select the Enter Rest Mode option, as this will not shut the device off completely.

After rebooting your PS4, check whether the internet connection issues have gone away. If they have, voila – you can go back to playing your favorite games online again.

Check if your WiFi Password is correct

Sometimes, the WiFi connection problems arise due to an incorrect password. This can sometimes be obscured by the awkward phrasing of the error message the PS4 gives in this situation.

Here’s the way to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Find a different device that has already established a connection with the network in the past
  • Try the password you’ve been entering on your PS4
  • If the device can’t connect, the password must have changed

You will need to find out the new password and enter it in the PS4 internet connection menu.

Move the PS4 closer to the WiFi router

Sometimes the physical distance between a device and the router can cause connection issues. Make sure this isn’t happening by physically moving your console to the WiFi source.

The disruption can often be caused by other devices between the PS4 and the WiFi router. Make sure there are no devices between them to ensure that there aren’t any physical barriers for the signal.

Change the WiFi router’s channel number

Sometimes too many networks operate on the same frequency bandwidth in close vicinity.

For example, your neighbors could be using the same WiFi channel, or too many devices are connected to the same network.

Go into your WiFi router’s settings and change the bandwidth frequency channel. This can result in a stronger signal and a repaired internet connection on your PS4.

Change the DNS settings

This is the most common, non hardware related issue for PS4 internet connection.

A Domain Name Server (DNS) translates internet addresses we humans can read into IP addresses computers can decipher. You can access your console’s DNS settings and change them easily.

Here’s how:

Scroll to Setting > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > WiFi

Then scroll to Network > IP Address Settings > DNS settings (manual)

Then try one of the following Domain Name Servers:

  • Google
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • SafeDNS
  • DNS Advantage
  • OpenDNS Home
  • Dyn

You don’t have to try them all out. One or two will probably solve the issue if that’s where the problem lies.

Try a wired connection instead of WiFi

If you can stretch out a piece of LAN cable to your console, make sure you test this out. A line connection is usually much more stable and reliable.

Your PS4 internet connection issues may be completely eradicated if you manage to start using a wired internet connection instead of a wireless one.

Try a PS4 Factory Reset

If none of these methods work out, your last resort should be to try a factory reset of your console.

Bear in mind that this process will clean your entire hard drive, and you will lose all progress and game installations on your device.

Make sure you back up everything you think is important before attempting to do a factory reset of your PS4.


There are many ways a WiFi internet connection can fail on a PS4. We hope that the steps we provided in this article have solved your issue. If they have not, contact the Sony customer support center or your internet service provider for further advice and instruction.

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