Results of exhausting the whole BTC supply!


Bitcoin mining is done at an immense scale and at a very high speed nowadays. Many cryptocurrency mining plans have thousands of cryptocurrency mining machines for bitcoin itself. Bitcoin states that there is no specific requirement for mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin through the cryptographic puzzle, but still, many miners are using highly advanced systems. With the help of ASIC mining machines, the standard hardware system set up for bitcoin mining operations can never be beneficial. Therefore, the 70% hash rate provided to bitcoin’s public ledger is through substantial mining operations. Earlier, which cryptocurrency minus used to get a lot of income from mining operations is now struggling to make even one bitcoin from the digital coins. It is hard because huge players are taking over the whole market.

You might have a clear idea that solo cryptocurrency mining is not something you can do today. One of the main reasons behind the lack of profitability with solo cryptocurrency mining is that giant money machines are employed, and also, 90% of the entire supply is already exhausted. For the people who are mining bitcoins today, it will be even difficult to create one block in the future. 18.9 million bitcoins are already added to the circulation in just 11 years, as on Auto-Trading App. When cryptocurrency mining came for the first time, the operators were divided with 50 bitcoins for every block. However, halving was introduced after four years, and the reward decreased. Nowadays, there is a reward of only 6.25 bitcoins for every block, which is very small compared to when it was created for the first time.

Why a definite supply?

The assets that have a definite supply in the market have chances of getting lower inflation and more scarcity. Let us take an example of the gold itself. It has an indefinite finite supply because you have to extract gold from the earth. Therefore, the inflation growth of gold is less in comparison to the other peer currencies. Also, gold is Scott compared to the other commodities you can get like the traditional currencies. It is because you have to extract gold from the core of the earth, and therefore, the people who do so are the owners of that particular amount of gold. The same is the concert with cryptocurrency mining. The person who is minding the bitcoins is the one who creates a press bitcoin and adds it to the system. However, the ownership belongs to the person who is creating it. It depends on him if you want to sell the bitcoin or hold it to make profits in the future.

When we talk about gold mining, there is a requirement of highly advanced equipment which are gigantic. However, cryptocurrency mining is also the same. The operational equipment required for cryptocurrency mining may not be very huge, but it is costly and consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, if you are also willing to make cryptocurrencies by mining, you should ensure a constant power supply option. Large electricity consumption makes it very expensive to create new bitcoins for the system. To impose a clear view based on implying a definite supply for bitcoins, it is evident that the target is to lower inflation. Also, due to the increasing demand, the scarcity must be stable in digital coins. Therefore, there is a definite supply for these digital coins.

Effects on mining

When the bitcoin mining supply is exhausted, there will be a significant impact on the mining operations themselves. The process of mining is nothing else but solving highly advanced cryptographic puzzles. It is difficult because every time you create a block, the other block will have a considerable degree of difficulty, more than the recent one. Therefore, you see that the difficulty in creating a new block will increase every time there are new bitcoins.

When the supply of cryptocurrencies is exhausted, many cryptocurrency mining operations will be down. It is because all the cryptocurrencies will come into circulation. Hence, mining operations will have to be cut short. It will provide a lot of unemployment to the whole global economy. It is expected that by 2140, the whole bitcoin supply will be exhausted, and hence, bitcoin will stop giving rewards for mining operations.

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