Step-by-Step Guide: How To Change Domain Name

How to Change Domain Name

Finding out how to change domain names could be complex sometimes. It is crucial but not an uncommon situation to change your existing domain name to another.
There must be a reason for it. Therefore, before moving on to the methods of changing the domain name, let us get briefed about the difference between domain and website to stir out any confusion.

Domain Vs. Website

Domain: Domains are web addresses in the World Wide Web that locate your websites. Think of your house that has an address. These addresses specify your house’s location and distinguish it from the other houses. Like we have house numbers, colonies, cities, and pin codes, domains have extensions and other parts to it (TLD, SLD, and subdomains).

Website: Technically, a set of web pages makes a website. You can take the example of a house with various parts to it. This house is identified by its location which is the domain whereas the house in itself is the website.

Is it Possible to Change Domain Name?

It is not possible to change the existing domain name. It goes away for sale once its active plan expires. You cannot edit or modify the purchased or unpurchased domain in any way. 

If you want another domain, you have to make a purchase.

Is it Possible to Change Domain Name of my website?

Yes, it is possible to change domain name of your website. You have to buy a new domain and change it from your web hosting account. It is advisable to redirect the visitors from the old domain to the new one to avoid losing traffic.

Even if it is not possible to rename the owned domain, you can always buy a new one and put it on your website’s address for the desired modification. 

Why Should I Change my Domain Name?

There could be several reasons for which you might want to know how to change domain name of your website. These could be a few as listed below:

  • You are changing your official company’s name because of a change in industries or the type of business. 
  • Your current domain name is not as catchy and appealing to attract the audience.
  • You want to extend your business online by extending the domain extension known as Top Level Domain (TLD).
  • Your domain name choice was secondary as the one you wanted was unavailable before, but now the primary choice Is available for purchase.
  • You do not like the current name which you thought looked well earlier.

No matter whatever the reasons are, it is advisable not to change your domain name unless the change is extremely vital. If still want to change it then simply change the website’s name and run it with the same domain name by redirecting to the new web address for at least half a year.

This way you would not lose your present visitors. It is better to inform the audience about the change in this way than not informed at all. You would lose a lot of visibility along with DA, traffic, relevance as well as your company’s reputation.

If you stand behind your decision for the change, then make sure to modify it into something worthwhile.

Website Builder: How to Change Domain Name of Your Website 2023

  1. Sign in to your hosting account.
  2. Visit the settings for Domain Control Panel.
  3. Select the Website Builder icon.
  4. Click on the option given for changing domain name beside the current name. A drop down will appear.
  5. Select Domain Change. In the pop-up screen, select choose your domain.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Fill the new domain name of your choice. Check the availability. Select Apply.
  8. Make further changes in the website builder editor that will open.
  9. Click on Save and Publish.
  10. Select Yes on the last pop-up.

How to Change Domain Name: Method to set up 301 Redirect Page

  1. Sign in to your domain and web hosting account.
  2. Visit cPanel to go to the Domain Settings.
  3. Select redirect from the menu.
  4. Enter the required.
  5. Enter in the old web address and the new web address for redirection accordingly
  6. Click on add this redirect.
  7. Move back to the home page.
  8. Check that your redirect page has been saved successfully or not.

How to Change Domain Name on GoDaddy?

You can change the domain name for your website only when its web hosting belongs to GoDaddy. In case, the domain belongs to GoDaddy while the website to another hosting provider, you have to make modifications from the web hosting account. To know how to change the domain name on the Godaddy account follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Make sure your screen opens My Products page.
  3. Go to Account Settings.
  4. Select Business Info.
  5. Select the Change domain link.
  6. Choose one of the two:
    Select from My Domains to use a previously registered domain registered.
    Select Create a subdomain for adding a subdomain.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Publish your website for viewing the changes.


In this guide we have summarised the following questions and methods:

  • How to Change Domain Name: Domain Vs. Website.
  • Is it Possible to Change Domain Name?
  • Is it Possible to Change Domain Name of my website?
  • Why Should I Change my Domain Name?
  • Website Builder: How to Change Domain Name of Your Website 2020
  • Method to set up 301 Redirect Page
  • How to Change Domain Name on GoDaddy?

Now that you know how to change domain name, hope you find it easy to get the best possible name for your business address.

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