Why is Google Forcing You To Have SSL Certificates on Your Websites?

SSL Certificates

Offering a secure SSL certificate on your website has become increasingly essential over the past few years. Google has prioritized secure ranking sites higher than non-secure sites in search results. The change was announced in 2017 and has slowly been implemented since then, but if you still need to update your site to take advantage of this new ranking boost, now’s the time to do so. Read on to learn how to use an SSL certificate to get ahead of your competition and give customers peace of mind regarding your brand and information security.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard security method for creating an encrypted connection between the web server & the browser. An SSL certificate provides a secure HTTPS connection between your website and your customer. This ink guarantees that all data exchanged between the browser and the server remains confidential and integral.

Google encourages you to use HTTPS for your visitors’ safety. In other words, third parties could intercept sensitive information if a website does not have secured HTTPS encryption.

The browsers will start showing warnings to customers about insecure websites. These warnings will come in the form of little red Not Secure text on the Chrome browser when customers enter their login credentials on these sites.

The Type of SSL Certificate

  1. SSL Certificates for Single Domain: The single-domain SSL certificate can be used for only one domain. It cannot authenticate other domains. The certificate takes a few minutes in issuance without requiring verification of business related documents.
  2. Wildcard SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL certificates are available for one domain and all of its subdomains. Subdomains fall part of the main domain. Most subdomains are identified by an address beginning with a different suffix.
  3. SSL certificates for Multi Domains (MDC): The multi-domain SSL certificate, also known as an MDC, lists multiple domains that are distinct in levels. With an MDC, domains that aren’t subdomains of one another can also share a certificate.

How does SSL work?

Sites with secure https connections use SSL Certificates. An https connection creates a secure channel between the server & your browser and encrypts the sent data, making it harder for any third party to gain access.

Here is a better understanding of the way SSL policies function in basic phrases:

  • A browser is connected to a server through a secure connection. The browser asks that the server authenticate itself.
  • The server sends the server an e-copy of the SSL Certificate, including the server’s public key.
  • The browser validates root certificates against a database of trustworthy authorities. It ensures that the certificate has not expired and that the name is appropriate for the website it connects to.
  • If the browser is confident in the information it has received, it generates an encryption key, encrypts it, and sends back a symmetrical session key using the server’s private key.
  • It decrypts and locks the session key by using the private keys. Then, it sends an encrypted acknowledgment using the session key to start the encrypted session. It happens instantly.

Why are SSL Certificates Critical?

SSL certificates are a critical component of your website security. They ensure that you have a secure HTTPS connection, which encrypts information about what pages you are viewing and what data you enter. That means hackers cannot steal your password or other sensitive information while browsing on a public Wi-Fi connection.

Here are the top four reasons why an SSL certificate is critical:

  • They Encrypt Sensitive Information: When you visit a website with a secure HTTPS connection, any data sent between your computer and the server will be encrypted. In addition, this encryption prevents unauthorized parties from reading that sensitive information as they try to access your online account credentials while you surf the web.
  • Prevents Data Theft from Public Wi-Fi: As mentioned before, SSL certificates prevent people from stealing important passwords and account credentials when surfing the internet via public Wi-Fi connections like those found in coffee shops or airports. Some research shows that more than half of consumers refuse to do anything private over public Wi-Fi because they fear hackers stealing their data. A secured SSL certificate protects your most sensitive information from being intercepted as you travel around town.
  • Having an SSL Certificate Builds Trust & Brand Power:  A secure HTTPS connection tells visitors that they can trust your site enough to provide them with personal information. It also tells them that you care enough about their experience at your site that you have invested time and money into ensuring it meets security standards.
  • An SSL certificate is good for SEO: Your secure HTTPS connection helps boost your search ranking by indicating to Google that you are taking necessary precautions against malware and phishing fraud. And since there’s no way for searchers to tell if your site has secured its connections without looking at the URL, many will turn away if they see unsecured HTTP instead of secured HTTPS.

Does Google require SSL?

Yes. Google is forcing web owners to install an SSL certificate on their sites. The purpose of Google is to be an established Search Engine. They want to establish a secure https connection with websites to ensure safe browsing, which will provide the best search experience for users.

To do this, Google has to show only secure sites in its search results. This is the reason Google has given an edge to HTTPS-enabled sites.

How to get an SSL Certificate for your website

You can purchase a secure SSL certificate from a reputable Certificate/hosting Authority. There are a variety of suppliers and sellers of SSL certificates. The most popular among them are Sectigo, DigiCert, GlobalSign, AlphaSSL certificates.

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