Writing Essays for Beginners: Tips and Tricks from Experts

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In a student’s life, there are situations when it is necessary to write an essay. You shouldn’t be afraid of this. The main thing is not just to reveal the topic but also to make it interesting, trying to grab the reader’s attention from the first sentence.

Before you begin the task, you need to understand what an essay is. An essay is a small scientific work that presents the author’s opinion about something, supported by arguments of a theoretical or practical nature. You can consider an essay a creative work, but this doesn’t mean that there are no strict requirements for writing essays. They relate to its structure, design, ways of presenting information, and criteria for evaluating an essay.

What Words to Start with?

Typical trouble when writing an essay is how to start an essay. This happens to many, regardless of the point of view. It confuses the student and takes a considerable part of the time. To avoid this situation, follow the next tips:

  • First, formulate the concept of ​​the essay, decide on the main thought and find relevant references and information.
  • You can try to apply the special writing technique: think about the issue of your paper, and write your ideas quickly and without following spelling and punctuation. Write everything down in an outline. It will save you from looking for words to work with.
  • Don’t come up with the title immediately. Start writing the main part of your essay, and then think about the title. Also, you can write an essay to the end and then come up with the title for it based on what was written. It can be affirmative and interrogative. The best way is to make it interrogative. Thus, you ask a question and answer it later.

How to Write an Essay

Writing essays consist of three parts:

  1. Introduction. It is needed to introduce the topic. From the introduction, the reader forms the first opinion about the text. It may interest or repel. So, experimenting with the introduction is not recommended. In the introduction, indicate the wording of the question, its significance, and relevance. You can ask a rhetorical question in the form of reasoning or a quote with the desired indication of the author. Convince readers of the significance of the issue and interest them.
  2. Main part. It reveals the author’s point of view on the question. The main part doesn’t go in continuous text. It is divided into smaller parts. You need to indicate your opinion and describe how you understand the topic and feel about it. Next, back up your opinion with arguments. Usually, these are facts from life, scientific research, and widely known opinions of scientists. Answer your question based on the arguments.
  3. Conclusion. Draw conclusions according to the thesis. It should logically complete the discussion and not leave the topic open.

The impression of a paper formulates due to the introduction and conclusion. The introduction should ideally intrigue the reader a little, and the conclusion should give a fairly clear answer to the introduction.

Things to Consider When Writing Essays

Tips on writing an essay:

  • The main emphasis in writing the introduction and conclusion is the focus on the problem under study. In the introduction, the author describes the issue’s essence under consideration. In conclusion, the writer summarizes the results of the study.
  • The form of writing in the style of “question-answer” will help involve readers in the discussion and interest them in reading the essay to the end.
  • To add dynamics to the text, alternate long sentences with short ones. Avoid repetition.
  • Complicated terms are not recommended. Not everyone knows their meaning.
  • A lot of “general phrases” repel. The essay shows the opinion and the personality behind it.
  • Refrain from sarcasm and satire. These techniques are typical for other genres.
  • For the reader to be imbued, show your feelings about this problem in your work, but don’t be zealous with it.
  • In an essay, an outline can help with the logic of the reasoning. Don’t deviate from it.
  • Reread the essay several times, make sure that all the arguments are on the topic and there are no unnecessary phrases.
  • Facts and research are the most convincing arguments. Look for suitable ones, confirm their opinion.

Common Mistakes When Writing an Essay

What can make your essay uninteresting to the reader?

  • The text of an essay is compiled purely based on one’s thoughts. The author should alternate personal thoughts with the studied information competently. This is how to achieve the objectivity of the presented data.
  • Misunderstanding of the essence of the problem, lack of coherent text. A good essay is a detailed, comprehensive study of the topic. Such work is interesting to readers and valuable as a scientific paper.
  • Enumeration of third-party thoughts, lack of author’s position. Without your opinions, such an essay is not good because it is not unique but looks like a collection of other people’s ideas, thoughts, etc.
  • Correctly written essay guarantees getting a good grade and the possibility of self-realization in the chosen direction, which is especially important.

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