Discover the Best Apps to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Apps to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

When researching keywords using SEMrush for my upcoming article, I discovered a global trend: many people are searching for ‘apps to see who unfollowed you on Instagram.’ Being familiar with the apps designed for tracking Instagram unfollowers, I decided to delve into this topic and provide insights about these tools. However, before we dive into discussing these applications, it’s crucial to acknowledge that in this digital age, where interactive social media platforms like Instagram play a significant role in our lives, it’s essential to comprehend not only their basic functionality but also the underlying features and policies that shape user dynamics

In this detailed exploration, we delve into one such feature of Instagram – the ‘unfollow‘ option, offering you a clearer understanding of this functionality and its impact. We also help you navigate the reasons that prompt users to unfollow others on Instagram, turning the spotlight on how this simple act affects subsequent interactions and analytics. Moreover, as we probe into a variety of apps that allow you to track your unfollowers, we provide you with comprehensive reviews including real user feedback and methods to use these apps proficiently.

Understanding Instagram’s Unfollow Feature

Instagram’s unfollowing feature simply denotes the act of a user choosing to stop following another user’s posts, stories, and activities on the social media platform. This is performed by clicking the “Following” button on the user’s profile, which then changes to read “Follow,” indicating that you’re no longer following the user. It’s a feature that’s meant to give users control over what they see on their feeds, especially since Instagram no longer arranges posts chronologically but rather based on user interaction.

The Instagram environment operates on a policy of privacy, with features and policies set in place to protect its users. One such policy is that users are not notified when they are unfollowed by others. This is in keeping with Instagram’s commitment to maintaining user privacy and preventing potential online harassment.

Using an Apps to See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Given Instagram’s privacy policy, there’s no native way to see who’s unfollowed you on the platform. However, third-party apps have been created to fill this informational gap. Apps such as Unfollow for Instagram, Followers Tracker Pro, and FollowMeter work by essentially keeping track of your Instagram follower count and identifying when it decreases. These apps would require you to log in with your Instagram credentials, after which they can systematically observe follower count changes and thereby infer who unfollowed you.

Remember, though, that these apps provide information based on their own data collection, not Instagram’s official data. Therefore, while they are useful, their reports may not be 100% accurate. It’s also crucial to use trustworthy and reliable third-party tools, as logging in with your Instagram credentials can potentially invite privacy and security risks.

Navigating Instagram’s Ever-Changing Policies

Instagram frequently updates its policies to address concerns such as unwanted invasion of privacy and cyberbullying. These alterations often impact the capabilities of various third-party apps, including those designed to inform users about who unfollowed them. Instagram intermittently tightens its application programming interfaces (API’s), restricting the type of information these apps can access. Hence, gone are the days when an app could straightforwardly tell you who unfollowed you due to Instagram’s tightened regulations.

As a result of these policy adjustments, modern unfollower tracking apps can’t directly name the users who have dropped you. However, they’ve found an alternate way to give you an idea of this. Such apps allow you to see who among the people you’re following is not reciprocating the follow. If these statistics shift compared to previous data, you might deduce who recently unfollowed you.

It’s crucial to handle these third-party apps carefully. Do thorough research about an app’s security protocols before entrusting them with your Instagram login details. Furthermore, it’s advisable to regularly change your password and ensure your account’s security to prevent potential abuse.

Illustration of understanding Instagram's unfollow feature, using an app to see who unfollowed you, and understanding the impact of Instagram's changing policies.

Why Do People Unfollow on Instagram?

Instagram, as a social media platform, largely operates on a combination of follow-unfollow dynamics, likes and dislikes, and user interactions via comments. People have various reasons to unfollow others on Instagram, but some common trends have been observed.

One reason might be the dwindling relevance or interest in a certain user’s content. Often, followers get attracted to influencers, brands, or individual users because their content resonates with them at a given time. But as time passes and interests evolve, these followers might unfollow if the user’s content stagnates or no longer matches their shifting interests.

Another cause leading to unfollowing is the overactivity of a user. Instagram users generally enjoy variety in their feed. If one particular account’s constant posting starts to flood their feed, users may choose to unfollow the persistent poster to prevent a monotonous or overwhelming browsing experience.

Sudden Shifts in Instagram Aesthetic

A sudden shift in aesthetics or content can also provoke unfollowing. Many users appreciate consistency in the feeds of those they follow. A sudden change can disrupt the anticipated rhythm and content flow, potentially leading a follower to unfollow.

Disagreements or conflicts that occur off Instagram can also translate into unfollowing on the platform. Sometimes, if a person has a falling out in the “real world” with someone they follow on Instagram, they may unfollow them to avoid seeing their posts.

Implications of Being Unfollowed on Instagram

Being unfollowed on Instagram, especially for influencers and brands, can impact Instagram analytics such as engagement rates, reach, and prospects for collaborations. However, an unfollow doesn’t necessarily indicate a loss in genuine followership. Tracking your followers can help ascertain whether the unfollowers were relevant followers in the first place. If their unfollowing doesn’t affect your engagement rates, they likely weren’t active followers.

Understanding Your Instagram Following with Tracking Apps

If you’re looking to monitor your Instagram following, there are several apps available such as the Followers Track for Instagram. These useful tools provide elaborate analytics for your Instagram profile, allowing you to see not only who unfollows you but also who isn’t reciprocating your follow.

With additional features like identifying who’s blocking you, tracking the removal of likes or comments, and ascertaining optimal posting time based on your followers’ activity patterns, these apps offer a holistic approach in understanding the dynamics of your Instagram followers. Utilizing this insight, you can strategize your posts or adapt your content to cater to your audience and maintain a high level of engagement.

Illustration showing a smartphone with Instagram logo and a finger tapping the unfollow button

Detailed Review of Apps for Tracking Unfollowers

Instagram has revolutionized the way we share moments and connect with others, becoming an integral part of daily life for millions of users globally. It has not only opened doors for individual communication but also created virtual communities for interactive engagement.

Instagram has democratized social interaction, but it also means coping with the volatile dynamics of gaining and losing followers. To aid in managing this aspect, several third-party applications have emerged, dedicated to tracking follower statistics including new followers, unfollows and non-followers.

1. Followers Track for Instagram

Followers Track for Instagram is a popular application that displays detailed analytics of your Instagram account, including your followers, unfollowers, fans, and more. This app also showcases the users who blocked you and the users you are not following back.

The free version of the application allows you to track and unfollow up to 50 users per day. However, it is loaded with ads which can be a drawback for some users. An upgrade to the premium version of the app comes with a fee, but unlocks features like the ability to perform multiple actions at once and without any ads. User reviews suggest a positive experience with the premium version, citing speed and accuracy. It is available both on Android and iOS platforms.

2. FollowMeter for Instagram

An alternative option is FollowMeter for Instagram. This app provides an easy-to-use dashboard with follower gain and loss tracking, top likers and commenters, and the ability to see who you follow but doesn’t follow you back.

A unique feature FollowMeter provides is the ability to view users’ profiles that visited your Instagram but don’t follow you. The app is free to download but includes in-app purchases for a more complete analytics experience and to remove ads.

Some users complain about the accuracy of the data present by FollowMeter while others find it extremely useful, offering a mixed bag of user experiences. FollowMeter is available on Android and iOS platforms.

3. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers goes a step deeper by identifying ‘ghost followers,’ Instagram users who follow you but do not actively engage with your posts. The free version of the app comes with basic analytics like tracking followers, unfollowers, and ghost followers.

However, the app is ad-supported, which can be removed by upgrading to a premium packages. The app has received a range of reviews, with some users praising its easy user interface and accuracy of follower insights, while others expressed concerns over the high amounts of ads in the app. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers is available to Android users only.


There is a myriad of apps available in the market that provide a good depth of understanding regarding the behavioral patterns of your Instagram followers. When choosing one to monitor who unfollows you, it’s vital to not only gauge the feature-set that these apps provide, but also the accuracy of the information they dispense.

The latter can often be assessed from user reviews. Moreover, acknowledging the continuous concern for privacy in this digital age, it’s recommended to thoroughly comprehend the privacy terms and conditions before making use of such third-party tracking apps.

Factor in the cost as well, since a lot of these apps leverage their premium versions to offer added perks. Balancing these aspects should assist you in finding the app that best fits your specific Instagram follower and unfollower tracking needs.

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How to Use an Unfollower Tracking App

Choosing the Right App

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store boast a wide spectrum of apps designed to aid you in keeping tabs on your social media interactions, more specifically, who unfollows you on Instagram. Apps such as FollowMeter, Follower Analyzer for Instagram, Followers Track for Instagram and Reports+ domineer the charts. Not solely due to their basic monitoring capabilities, but also their suite of diverse features and tools meticulously designed for comprehensive social media oversight.

Installation Process

Once you’ve decided which application to use, the installation process is straightforward. Navigate to your respective app store, input the name of the app in the search bar, and click on “Install” or “Get”. Depending on your device’s settings, you may need to enter your Apple ID or Google account password to commence the installation. Once the app is installed, an icon will appear on your device’s home screen.

Registration and Login Process

Upon opening the app, you’ll usually be presented with two options: “Log in” or “Sign up”. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to choose the option to create an account. These apps require the credentials of your Instagram account to work accurately. Thus, you will need to provide the relevant Instagram username and password, which syncs the app with your Instagram account.

Monitoring Unfollowers

Once your Instagram account is linked to the tracking app, the process becomes more straightforward. The app will begin to analyze your account, tracking who follows and unfollows you. The app will let you know when someone unfollows you by sending you a notification. You can check this information anytime by opening the app and navigating to the “Unfollow” or relevant section. Some apps may also provide data on who is not following you back, which can be helpful in analyzing your Instagram followers.

Understanding and Interpreting Data

Understanding the data provided by the tracking apps is key to optimize your Instagram usage. The apps give insights regarding unfollowers, but they may also provide additional information such as your followers’ activity patterns, your best followers, and ghost followers. These metrics can provide a valuable insight into your Instagram’s performance.

Ghost followers are those accounts that follow you but do not engage with your content. Weed these out for a healthier follower-to-engagement ratio. You can also focus on strengthening your engagement with your best followers identified by these apps.

Efficiency Tips

Always remember that while unfollower tracking apps can provide valuable data, they should not entirely dictate your social media behaviors. Consistently producing quality content, engaging with your followers and exploring trends are still the most impactful ways to maintain and increase your followers on Instagram.

Also, pay close attention to the permissions the app asks for during installation. Some apps may require access to data that is not necessary for their functioning, which poses a privacy risk.

Lastly, these apps may violate Instagram’s terms of service. Using them too frequently or for spamming purposes may lead to Instagram limiting or suspending your account. Therefore, exercise caution while using these apps. Consider these tools as part of a broader strategy rather than a panacea for maintaining followers.

A smartphone displaying an app tracking unfollowers on Instagram.

From gaining insights into Instagram’s unfollow feature and understanding its repercussions on your social engagements to exploring various tracking apps and learning to use them to your benefit, this write-up serves as a valuable guide for every Instagram user. As we become more socially aware and interconnected in the digital era, knowing who is unfollowing you and why is an important aspect of maintaining a successful presence online. Therefore, harness the wealth of data these tracking apps provide, interpret it effectively, and utilize these insights to create more meaningful and engaging Instagram content. Remember, it’s all about engaging with your audience and maintaining those connections.

For more information about Instagram and about the apps to see who unfollowed you on Instagram please visit Instagram Help Centre.

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