Best Wordle Memes and Jokes: 2023 Edition

Wordle meme

Wordle is a simple guessing game that has gained a massive following since its initial release date in 2018. At the moment, Wordle has around 3 million players.

The game is simple; you have six tries to guess the word of the day. You write down the word, and all the letters are lit in an appropriate color.

  • Grey means that the letter is absent from the word.
  • Yellow means that the letter is not in the right spot.
  • Green means that you’ve guessed both the letter and the spot.

While similar games existed in the past, none had such a vast audience. As such, this is another example of an old concept that has successfully transitioned into a digital world.  

Even the game’s name is a clever word trick, a combination of ‘word’ and the last name of its founder Josh Wardle. From the very start, it was clear that there’s so much room for wordplay here, so here are some of the best Wordle memes and jokes that we’ve managed to discover.

Top Wordle Memes 2023 Edition

1. What gives people feelings of power

One of the best things about online games is quick access to serotonin release. Sure, it’s sometimes pure luck, but the feeling of accomplishment is still there. The fact that you’ve made it with ease where others struggled is a testament to your brilliance. Serotonin release from games is such a powerful motivator that more and more educational organizations are opting for a gamified curriculum.

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2. It doesn’t have to be on your first try

Anyone who has played wordle knows how hard it is to guess it on your first three tries. In a way, it’s even better than guessing on your first try. You see, guessing on the first try is always luck-based. There’s literally no other way to explain it. By getting it on your 2nd or 3rd guess, you’re creating an illusion that some strategy was involved. However, we all know that it’s still just luck.

wordle meme 2

3. It goes the other way around, as well

The truth is that you’re starting from nothing. Your chances of getting the word on your first try are 1 in 2315. So, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, even if all the letters are gray. Still, this is easier said than done.

wordle meme 3

4. How do you cheat in wordle?

The truth is that this is not that difficult. All you need to do is open Wordle in another browser or incognito mode and guess. Then, when you know the word, you enter it via your main account and do it on the first try. Still, this defeats the whole point of the game. There’s no “feeling of power”; you do, however, get to brag to your coworkers about it.

wordle meme 4

5. It does turn into an obsession

One thing worth noting is that wordle quickly turns into an obsession. An instant serotonin hit is addictive. By playing too much, you might find yourself thinking about Wordle more than you would like. For many people, this is the first thing they do in the morning. Remember, nonetheless, that your focus may shift over the course of the day and that you may not be as efficient. Same as there is the best time to post on TikTok, there’s also the best time to play Wordle. It’s up to you to discover when that is.

Wordle meme 5

6. It’s hard to explain to people who don’t play

As we’ve already said, the personal accomplishment you get from Wordle often seems unreal. Moreover, it doesn’t translate to people who don’t play it. Even people who do play it may not be too impressed. As Ricky Gervais once said at the Golden Globes, no one cares about that score (award) as much as you do. So, keep it light, keep it simple, and if you absolutely have to brag about it, keep it as modest as possible

Wordle meme 6

7. Setting the mood for the day

Some people are using their Wordle score as a tool to help them feel their luck for the day. They manage their daily expectations based on how they complete their morning Wordle session. Seeing as how it can bum you out or make your day from the very morning, this isn’t that far-fetched, to begin with.

wordle meme

8. Social pressure is there

Being the only person in the office who doesn’t partake in Wordle can make you feel left out. It takes just a minute of your time every day and gives you an interesting conversation topic. Sure, you don’t have to do it, but once you get tired of hearing over and over about it, you might decide to give it a go.


9. Building a streak

Wordle streak is like a loyalty program – a hook that makes you come back for more. Once you get a pretty impressive streak, you’ll go to lengths not to miss a day. Still, mistakes happen, and deleting your Wordle streak with your browsing history can be particularly painful.

wordle meme

Wrap up

While it’s supposed to be just a word-guessing game, Wordle is so much more. It’s a societal phenomenon and one of the favorite pastimes in 2023. The impressive list of names generated in its honor is a testament to this sentiment. Even this list is far from complete, and there’s an endless supply of Wordle memes for you to discover.

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