Bitcoin City at El Salvador: Understanding how it will use the Volcano Energy

bitcoin city

Bitcoin City was first heard when the coin was declared a legal tender in El Salvador. Its president N Bukele was the one to coin this in the BTC conference. It appeared to be an appealing concept for countless Bitcoin lovers that come up as an aesthetic on an emotional level.

The president’s vision will be of the round shape of a coin, while it will have a vast BTC symbol at the public square. It will have multiple urban nodes that would radiate in different directions, and it will resonate with the aesthetics aiming to resonate symbolically.

The idea is to make all the senses based on the president’s commu1nication, marketing, and savviness. It will render an opportunity for the architecture to add up the industrial design developed in the BTC City. The foundations for the Bitcoin city have emotional and aesthetical foundations, and they can look inside among the Bitcoin lovers. For more on this topic, visit the Official trading site.

Geothermal Power and its lead time

The volcano energy one can find in the Bitcoin City acts as a tap over the most popular options like geothermal energy. It is known as volcano energy, which sounds like an exciting option. It helps showcase the moment the branding and marketing of the president’s understanding are seen.

There are many reasons geothermal energy can add the best and quickest fit for BTC City that comes with time and cost of development. It can take around 5 to 7 years to check its phases as per the geothermal project timelines. The nearest volcano to Bitcoin City is the Colchagua volcano. It will be employed in the first phrase that came last June.

The president had tweeted about it, saying that the work had already started. We could see a well is drilled, having 95 MW of geothermal capacity over the area even though it is not very likely to see yet another two to three years before the plant was seen generating the electricity. It is then used for BTC mining hug all over it again.

It has added the hint to explain why energy has not developed significantly in recent past years. In addition, it will address the wind power issue that has been there for some time. The site will also have wind and solar-based plants; however, it will take some time to develop and owing to the technical issues, the solar irradiation and wind speed are limited.

The Geothermal Power cost

Two years ago, the cost for adding up a new eight geothermal plants was checked by an energy agency called IRENA, and it was around 4.5K USD Per KW. After that, it ranged from around 2.1K USD per KW to as much high as 6.2 per KW. Now, if you look at the country known as El Salvador’sSalvador’s recent study, we see something coming about it ranging from the total cost of around 480KM USD for a 50 MW geothermal plant as seen in the Central US nation with around 9.6K USD per KW. So, besides the development and the installation expenses, we can see many more vital factors when it comes to generation one plant that remains under production.

Therefore, you need to check how the energy cost will measure the net present electricity generation as a power plant in the lifetime.

Geothermal Power – The relative effectiveness

As discussed above, we see the power is not getting intermitted along with the plants that can help in producing more hours along with the solar and wind systems. The very measure with the electricity can help add up more hours like solar and wind systems.

The exact measure on how we see the amount of electricity can help add up the plant can further produce things as per the theoretical output. In 2020, one can see the average capacity of the said plant across the globe ranting from 75 to 91 per cent. It simply means you have the capacity factor that remains available for hours of the operation coming from the geothermal plants that come along at five times higher than the solar power.

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