10 Tips To Having An Exciting Instagram Feed & Explore Page 

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We all love an exciting Explore page and Instagram feed, don’t we? We want relevant posts and videos to be shown according to our choices. The Instagram feed and explore page uses an AI interface to show posts, videos, and reels that are relevant to each user. Instagram updates its explore page and feeds at regular intervals. 

Furthermore, the Instagram algorithm constantly monitors your behavior by the accounts you follow, the posts and videos you like, and reels you watch and prepares your explore page according to that. 

So what can you do to get your desired explore page with all the content that you want to see? 

In this article, we will talk about how you can get your explore page to show you content based on your liking and needs. Many tips and strategies are mentioned in this article which you can use. 

Apart from wanting an exciting explore page, it is important for you to maintain your Instagram feed as well. Most of the posts that are shown on your Instagram’s explore page are related to your posts as well. 

Maintaining a good Instagram feed improves the content in your explore page. Your social media image depends on how well you organize your Instagram feed and maintain it throughout. 

Tips To Have An Exciting Explore Page

Your explore page is totally based on your choices. The recent features added to the explore page have made it even more convenient for users to have an exciting personalized explore feed. It is important to have proper ideas and knowledge regarding Instagram’s explore page and then jump on to the tips to maintain it. 

Instagram Stories Are Shown On The Explore Page

You can watch stories of your favorite influencers and creators without following them. If you have interacted frequently with that account then its stories will be visible on your explore page. This is a great way for brands to advertise their products as now anyone can watch their stories without actually opening their profile. 

Brands don’t need to constantly worry much about reaching a large audience now. This new feature introduced by Instagram will make sure that people will see stories of different brands on their explore page.

New Topic Channels

Over 200 million people visit explore pages every day to view posts and discover new ideas. A tray at the top of the explore page is seen with personalized channels. You can find your choice of channel on that and view it. 

There’s a ‘For You’ channel specifically tailored according to your interests. There are even more channels that are made specifically for you. You can click on any channel and view posts and videos based on your liking.

IGTV Videos

You can see an “IGTV” option on your explore page. If you tap on that option you will find the recently updated home for IGTV with videos from creators that you follow or have engaged with beforehand. This is a great way for creators and brands to promote their products and boost their sales. 

You don’t actually need to visit the feeds of the people to view their videos, but rather you can just click on the IGTV option to view videos based on your choices.

Personalized Shopping Channel

Instagram is making sure of promotion of brands and creators and helping people shop on the platform with ease. The new shopping channel is a dedicated space for users to shop from businesses they follow or brands they have yet to discover. 

You can tap on the “Shop” and browse through categories to find your desired products. There are many options like decor, dresses, jewelry, watches, and many more options to choose from. This is very helpful for small and medium brands and businesses to sell their products through Instagram.  

People don’t need to search for a specific brand but rather they can just search for their desired products. Brands selling those products are shown on the user’s explore page. 

Like Posts, Videos, And Reels

Whenever you see any post, video, or reel tape on the like option without refreshing your feed. Instagram algorithm prepares your explore page based on the content you like. So if you want a good explore page based on your interests, like posts and videos relevant to that. 

As of now, you have got an idea of how the Instagram algorithm works. If you want to see posts based on a particular theme or style, like and view posts similar to that for a few days. Instagram’s explore page will automatically show relevant posts on your explore within a few days. This is a simple yet effective solution to get desired posts on your to explore page. 

Tips To Improve Your Instagram Feed

A visually pleasing feed is necessary to maintain an image on Instagram. When your feed looks good overall, people are more likely to engage with it and come back for more. It is necessary for brands to have a well-maintained Instagram feed. If you are new to Instagram and want to gain the attention of a huge audience you can buy likes and comments from Megafamous for the time being. 

Find Your Grid Layout And Theme

Before starting to post, it is necessary to choose a perfect grid layout so that you can have an idea of how to position your photos one after another. After deciding the grid, find your theme. Your theme is your visual personality. Make sure to never select an incorrect or misleading theme.

Browse for your favorite filter packs and create your unique Instagram theme. There are various apps available for you to choose your layout and desired theme. You can browse through their collection and pick one from it.   

You can even use it first before actually applying it to your Instagram feed. By doing this you will get a pre idea regarding what your feed will look like to your viewers. 

Pick Your Filter 

You need filters to set up your theme. There are many different filter collections on the Preview App which will help you find your suitable filter. Make your feed look consistent by using the same filters on all the photos. Stick to one filter for all your photos. By doing this, your feed will look pleasant and decent. 

Try different filters on the Preview App and get a good look at how it looks. Do not immediately apply any filter to your photos. Browse for filters that will be suitable for you and will look good on your photos. 

Check and recheck all the filters and then apply them to your photos. Your choice of filter will decide the mood of your photos and what they will look like. So it is important to find a perfect filter according to your needs and the photos you will click. 

Maintain Your Feed Flow

You have got your overall idea how what your feed will look like. It’s time for now to rearrange the order of your posts. You can use different apps to get an idea of which posts would look nice next to each other before posting it on Instagram. 

Avoid putting similar photos next to each other. Use 2-3 colors for backgrounds so that the overall look of your feed will be pleasant to the viewer’s eyes. Decide properly before posting on Instagram.

You need to have an idea regarding which photos to post. Choose photos that will match and look engaging next to each other. Make sure that, whenever any viewer will see any photo of your product they will scroll to see the next one. Maintain that flow and consistency. Your feed should give a vibe that viewers will not be able to ignore at any cost. 

Find Your Color Palette

Pick 2-3 colors that you use most in your feed and then space out your photos to balance your theme. Don’t post photos next to each other with the same background color. Use different background colors for different photos. Maintain a flow but don’t post photos with the same background in a row. Your feed should look eye-catchy and view-worthy. 

Pick Your Perfect Background And Lighting

It is very important to have a good background in your photos. Don’t let your background overpower the main subject but rather make sure that they both go well together. After deciding your background, it’s time to click pictures. 

Natural light helps you get clear and high-quality pictures. The best time to click photos is in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. Take photos where the lighting is best. Natural sunlight is best for your photos. 

First, find your desired background and then click photos. Your background should be clean, clear and should not catch more attention than your photo. But if you want people’s whole focus to be on the background, like a photo of scenery or the sky, then make sure the photo is clear and clean. 

There’s no surprise that Instagram ruins the clarity of pictures, so make sure to keep this thing in mind and resolve it before posting anything. After completing these two things, you are all set to start posting on Instagram and attracting a huge audience. 


With all these tips and strategies on how to make your Instagram feed and explore page exciting, you are all set to dive deep into Instagram. Make sure that you follow all these tips and modify your feed according to that. Businesses and brands need to keep these things in mind to get a positive outcome from their business and boost their sales. 

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