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Using the templates in DesignCap, a product of PearlMountain, you can make various graphics in your web browser. You will indeed see results quickly, as promised.

How does DesignCap provide?


There are many different templates for business cards, company documentation, and advertising (flyers, posters, etc.) in print supplies. However, there are templates for personal celebrations, such as birthday, wedding, or anniversary invitations or thank-you cards. Information sheets can, of course, be created for corporate events as well.

You may find social media graphics and online advertising templates in the web design category.


There are three versions of DesignCap: Free, Basic, and Plus. Although numerous templates are available in the free edition, you can only save five designs, add a maximum of five of your own photos, and export your work in JPG format, which obviously has no place for professional print jobs.

Significantly more themes are available in Basic and Plus, and more designs can be stored and photos uploaded. Even your own typefaces can be uploaded and used with the Plus version. The two paid editions, in particular, provide high-resolution export in PNG and PDF file formats.

Basic is only $4.99 per month with an annual subscription, while Plus is $5.99 per month. Choose a plan according to your own needs.

DesignCap’s capabilities and usability

online graphic tool

For me, it is always crucial that a program be so simple to use that you can get the hang of it without first reading voluminous instructions. DesignCap should be rather simple to use for novice users as well as anyone with prior experience using graphics software, who will do so with ease.


I’ll only use print media for my test. In addition to the templates described above, menus and drinks menus for restaurants, pizzerias, cocktail bars, and other establishments are available. Designing a menu for a hypothetical soup shop will allow me to test DesignCap’s usability and see how simple it is to use.

Design projects

I will rebuild the template so I can thoroughly test the program. How successfully one’s own design ideas can be implemented is something that worries me. It turns out that you are not at all constrained by the pre-made templates because you are free to modify them as you see fit.

Add images

You can upload photographs – up to five in the free edition, up to 100 in Basic, and up to 1,000 in Plus – if you wish to utilize your own photos or include the company logo.

In addition, I had the option of selecting a photo from the collection that is free to use.

Visual components

A tab on the left side directs you to different design areas if you are logged in and in design mode. You can access the aforementioned templates as well as a number of graphic components. You can choose from a variety of background themes and display your uploaded content.

You can create pictures by uploading images and dividing them with white bars. Due to the ease of editing the pre-made parts, you may also alter the thin black line that is usually used to a thick white bar.

Altering texts

Naturally, you may adjust the sentences so that they are positioned one below the other. Text boxes can be selected collectively, but it is not feasible to change the font, for instance, all at once. The associated editing bar formatting options are then simply buried and unavailable. Therefore, it is incredibly frustrating to have to edit each text box separately. All that may be altered at once is the font color.

The grouping feature, on the other hand, is useful because it enables you to mix texts and move them wherever you choose within the page. Auxiliary lines can be used to align items with one another.

Multiple pages

Since a menu with only one page would be subpar, it is completely easy to build multiple pages. Keeping it to one page is also okay.

My fonts

There are numerous fonts provided, and from what I can determine, they can all be used without restriction for commercial applications. You could upload more fonts and utilize them in the design if you purchased the Plus plan. Of course, you should adhere to each font provider’s specific license requirements.

Ending words

Results are indeed obtained promptly with DesignCap, as promised. It is simple to use and provides many lovely templates and other design components. The templates can be used just as is; all the texts need to be changed to suit your requirements. The templates may also be easily customized with your own graphic content to make them more unique, allowing you to match the design to the brand of your business.

DesignCap is accessible as Software-as-a-Service and is web browser-operated. Use the trial version first if you’d want to try it out. You can upgrade to the paid plan if you like it and have more demanding needs. Then you can make reservations for specific months or the entire year.

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