How to increase Twitter followers for your business

Twitter Marketing

Today, we will be learning about how to increase Twitter followers instantly for your business. Before, going into in-depth details it is very important to know that Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging sites which only allows publishing only 280 characters’ content.

Beyond 280, the characters are truncated automatically by Twitter.

So, if you are curious about increasing your brand value and keen on getting 1000 free Twitter followers in the year 2022, then I will let you know the 10 proven strategies about how you can increase Twitter followers for your business to enhance the brand value of your business.

Why We Should Use Twitter for Business?

  1. More than 320 million monthly active users worldwide: Twitter was established in the year 2006 by Jack Dorsey and since then Twitter users are increasing day by day.
    Many big companies are using Twitter to communicate with their followers because this is the only medium where they can interact with the users and can easily understand the consumers’ interest and disinterest in the product and services.
    Even you can target an audience based on age, gender, likes, and dislikes.
  2. Easy to Use: Twitter is easy to use micro-blogging site where you can get connected easily with people who do not know you. It is open to all communities and all the communications are not private and are easily searchable.
  3. Easy to build relationships: This can help you to get connected with people of similar interests to yourself and can help you to build a relationship with the influencer much more easily than LinkedIn and Facebook.
  4. News breaks: News breaks much faster on Twitter as compared to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.
  5. Niche/Topics: You can easily find news or links related to your niche and can identify the trending topics and can use Twitter search to know the opinion of the people when creating new content.
  6. Visit Twitter and type in any topic or keywords in Twitter search or competitors’ names and if people are having communication-related to that topic then it means Twitter is relevant for you and for your business.

How To Increase Twitter Followers and How Does It Work?

Twitter is not as similar or as simple as Facebook. As it is complex so most digital marketers do not focus to market their company on Twitter. So, if you are really meticulous about increasing brand awareness then you should understand how Twitter works.

This guide will definitely help you to know how to increase your Twitter followers. So let us see how to increase Twitter followers and how it works.

  1. Twitter 280 character limit: It only supports 280 characters which is good for communication between audience and brand. You can also use Bitly or Google URL shortener to tidy up your tweets.
  2. Real-time News Feed: Twitter news feed is sorted in chronological order to enable real-time communication about a topic. A tweet tweeted by you will be shown in all your followers’ accounts until it is replaced by fresh content. Here the real-time filtering system is time as compared to the post on Facebook. In addition to this, you can only send 17 tweets in a day and tweet the same tweet many times without overloading your followers’ news feed.
  3. @mentions: You can use @mention to notify other users about your tweet. If you include more than one @usernames in your tweet, all these users will be able to see that tweet in their notification tab.
  4. @replies: If you would like to reply to another user you can simply hit the reply button on any tweet. Just have to type in your message into the box which opens up and click reply, after that the message will be shown in that person’s tweet.
  5. Direct Messages (DM):
  6. If you love the privacy and you only want that particular person should see your tweet then you can use the direct message feature of Twitter. Click on the message tab of the particular Twitter user and create a new message. Once you sent it, it would appear in the receiver’s inbox.

What you should never do on Twitter

  • Never Buy Twitter Followers. Numbers are not everything quality matters. What’s more important is that get the genuine followers who would like to get engaged with you.
  • Never Use Twitter Bots for Automating Tweets, Retweets, Follows & Direct Messages. Focus on having real conversations instead of automation. Never ever use the bot application to increase your Twitter follower. By doing this Twitter can suspend your account. Have patience and work on real-time conversation.

How to get your tweets retweeted

A retweet is a tweet when you repost someone else’s tweet or one of your’s own. Retweeting is what makes your @username visible on Twitter (like a Facebook share), thus there are chances of your profile getting clicked by the Twitter users. Encourage your followers to retweet your posts.

4 Ways that may help you to get more retweets

  1. Believe In originality. Always curate and share original content because everyone loves to be the first to retweet the new article. So, If you are creating original and unique content then there is a chance of your article being retweeted.
  2. Always Add a Graphics. Tweets with images generate more retweets than text-only tweets. Upload it directly on to Twitter so it is instantly visible in the timeline – do not link to a third-party photo host (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, etc.) where it needs an extra bit of click to be seen.
  3. Ask. People often need a call to action. Simply querying for a retweet can generate 4-5 times the volume of engagement. Just you have to add the text “please retweet” at the starting or ending of a tweet.
  4. Thank them for retweeting your postBe polite and grateful to those who retweeted your post through @replies.Let them know that you care about them.

How To Optimize Your Twitter Profile

There is no difference between the personal or professional Twitter account in terms of features or functionality like on Facebook. All Twitter accounts are similar and have the same value.

Thus, if you’re the origin of your enterprise, you may use your individual Twitter profile. This can make it much easier to promote your organization without needing to handle two accounts.

  1. Create a Twitter Account:
  2. Uniform Twitter Handle. Uniform Twitter handle gives extra value, keep uniform across all social media profiles.
  3. Twitter Icon:  Keep a close portrait of your face or just a simple enterprise logo.
  4. Header Image.  Twitter recommends 1500px x 500px. To create an attractive header image using photoshop, Canva or any image editing software which you like
  5. Twitter Bio ideas. Twitter bio is the place where you would have to tell people who you are actually and what you do. It is basically your driving force to attract followers. Avert unimportant jargon like “Marketing guru” or “Networking ninja”. Rather, tell us what you do or believe. Include keywords according to your business.

How To Promote Your Twitter profile?

Never forget to promote your Twitter on social media and website. Follow these 5 steps to promote your Twitter account.

  1. Use In Your Email Signatures & Business Cards: Add your business Twitter URL link along with other social media accounts.
  2. Social Sharing Buttons: Display Twitter button on posts, Add a link to your homepage and individual posts on your website.
  3. Add a Follow Button to Your Website: Add follow button in blog posts and on “about us” and “contact us” pages
  4. Add a Twitter Widget: Show your latest tweets in your website sidebar.
  5. Engage With Current Audience: Ask current Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers, email subscribers, etc. to follow you on Twitter.

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