Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools That Every Digital Marketer Can Use To Expand Their Online Presence

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Did you know 76 percent people believe that marketing has undergone a major shift in the past two years than it did over the last 50 years?

The various digital marketing practices that were successful a year ago will fail to deliver the same results today. Digital marketers and their teams have a huge responsibility as they are in a constantly evolving and changing field. 

And believe it or not, companies totally depend on digital marketing tools to survive online and create the desired impact on their target users. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools you Can Use to Expand your Online Presence

59 percent of users claimed that they derive their initial source of information from one or more online channels. 

Whether it is winning leads or discovering new opportunities, and even creating powerful and engaging content, we have tools that serve as the base of your marketing game. 

Here, we have put together a list of the top 10 digital marketing tools that can help you achieve your business goals and expand your online presence. 

Let’s dive right in. 


If you want to engage your audience online with compelling content and attractive infographics, then Piktochart will just do that for you. It’s one of the best cloud-based infographic tools with various themed templates and works pretty well with Windows and Mac. 


  • Comes with a rich design toolkit that helps you create multiple interactive elements, such as animated icons, videos, charts, presentations, and visualization maps
  • Easy to use and comes with a wide range of themes and templates to assist newbies to create impressive designs. It also allows you to configure the templates as per your taste and the tool adapts to your design skills
  • Is a versatile application and enables you to design creatives for various platforms, such as social media pages, websites, blogs, and reports as well as deliver the output file in formats namely PNG, JPG or PDF. 


The tool offers a basic free plan for individuals and small enterprises. The Pro plan starts at $14 per month per user. The Enterprise version is built for a team sized more than two and for the best pricing, you can directly contact their team.


ailChimp is an email-marketing tool designed to automate your email-marketing campaigns. The objective is to generate quality traffic and monetize the performance of the campaigns. It helps you to engage with your target audience using automated emails and turn them into customers. 

The platform enables you to provide end-to-end campaign transparency, view reports, track emails and click-through rates, and manage subscribers. It also offers technical support via email and live chats. 


  • Create engaging content using simple design tools
  • Generate custom designs with AI-powered assistant
  • Create personalized email campaigns for your prospective customers  using marketing automation


You can send up to 12,000 emails for free. The paid pricing plan starts at $10 per month. There are three plans in Mailchimp — Essentials, Standard and Premium.

3.Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management platform. As a digital marketer, you can now translate your social media plans into actual results as the tool allows publishing and scheduling content across various social media platforms. 

The tool focuses on four primary aspects of social media effectiveness — Engagement, Measurement, Monitoring, and Growth. 


  • Comes with an unique feature called ‘Queue’, which enables you to schedule posts and publish them as per your desired timelines 
  • Offers several report trends free of cost. It helps you to view frequently mentioned topics and hashtags from Facebook pages and Twitter feeds


The trial version is available for free for the first 30 days. The paid plan starts at $89 per user/month and is available in three different versions.  

4. Loomly

Loomly is a cloud-based social media calendar application that helps influencers, marketers, and freelancers like you create better content. It is easy to collaborate, publish, and measure all aspects of communication on your social media profiles using this tool. Further, you can analyze the performance of your posts, tweets or status, and keep track of the activities of your team.  

Loomly is available on iOS and Android as well as a web platform.


  • Manages all your social media posts and ads in one single platform
  • Supports you with trending topics for your posts so you never run out of inspiration
  • Enables seamless organization of your posts post content in a single dashboard
  • Offers a collaborative and streamlined workflow with post mock-ups and version flow


You can enjoy a free 15-day trial, and it is available in five different plans — Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise.

5. SendGrid

SendGrid is an email marketing tool that helps you to send customer engagement emails. Several mobile-based companies and internet service providers use this platform to engage their customers. It allows you to send emails over HTTP, SMTP, or through other official libraries. 


  • Centralize your email communications to get a better understanding of your customer journeys
  • Build effective email programs that support cross-team collaboration
  • Take advantage of effective counselling services to understand the best practices of sending emails
  • Scale to meet your email demands with a cloud-based email delivery infrastructure
  • Get access to a super responsive customer support team who handles your email compliance and deliverability 


SendGrid pricing is available in four different plans — Free trial, Essentials, Pro, and Premier. The Essentials is priced at $14.95 per month while for the Premier version pricing, you will need to contact their Sales team.  

6. Clearscope

Do you want to optimize your existing content and capitalize on keyword opportunities? Then Clearscope is the right tool for you. 

It is an SEO content optimization platform perfectly useful for content writers as it helps you write high-ranking blog posts. It recommends keywords, headers. and readability scores, which is necessary for creating a balanced and engaging write-up. 


  • Offers AI-powered content reports and real-time recommendations from Google
  • Search intent insights and monthly search volume to target potential keywords
  • Allows WordPress and Google Doc integrations 


Clearscope is available in three different versions— Essentials, Professional and Enterprise. The Essentials version is priced at $170 per month for optimizing up to 20 content pieces. 


Gone are the days of creating boring forms. It’s time to make your audience enjoy answering your form. Typeform is one such survey software that will help you create engaging forms. 


  • Comes with a drag and drop feature
  • Allows you to create unlimited surveys and forms with a free account 


Typeform is available in three different versions — Basic, Plus, and Business. The Basic version starts at $21/month while the Business version is priced at $62/month. 


Optimizely is a digital experience platform that helps you make data-driven decisions for your business. It emphasizes landing page experiments on various segments of the target audience. You can test your landing page with major and minor edits with less effort.


  • Heatmap integration allows you to understand the audience’s browsing and shopping behaviour
  • Start, pause and schedule experiments from the comfort of your device with the API
  • Leverage API to display experiment stats directly within your dashboards and make better decisions


There are no pricing details available on their website. However, you can reach out to their team directly to optimize your digital experiences. 


Document360 is a knowledge base platform developed to create and publish self-service knowledge sources. It allows you to create multiple versions of articles, perform an advanced search, perform necessary settings to the documents, and a lot more. 

The best part is that this tool also allows you to create categories/subcategories and record articles under respective categories as well as hide them whenever required. It also encourages integration with third-party tools, such as Google Analytics, Segment, and Olark. 


  • Allows you to build multiple projects in a single place
  • Take advantage of its built-in analytics and reporting features 
  • Easy to secure confidential knowledge articles, as you can allow access to specific users using the private documentation function


Document 360 is available in four different versions — Startup, Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. You can also try a 14-day free trial version or start with a basic plan starting at $49/month for two users. 


Trello is an online project management software that offers you a private channel to follow updates, communicate, and have real-time discussions about projects. This is probably the best option when it comes to a content management tool that helps you to brainstorm ideas with your team and make a robust content strategy for your next digital marketing campaign.

This tool makes teamwork a lot easier by using lists, boards, and cards to prioritize tasks for productive results. 


  • Complies with the highest security standards, as it uses a bank-level encryption system
  • Perfectly works with every third-party application, extension, or plug-ins
  • Mobile-friendly collaboration system that helps you access data from any platform or device


Trello pricing is available in two different versions namely Trello Gold and Trello Business Class. You can also enjoy the free version for a few days. The paid version will cost you $5 per month. 


A successful digital marketer should master these top ten tools to deliver value to their  clients. These tools can easily make a positive impact on an organization’s growth by streamlining the marketing campaigns and automating a lot of tasks. 

Of course, the choice of digital marketing tools will vary depending on your business and goals.

The pricing plans of these tools are suitable based on small, medium, and large enterprises. You need to consider the challenges and where you spend most of your time and then choose the relevant plan depending on your target audience size and business needs. 

In the Comments section below, let us know what other tool would you like to add to this list.

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