Blockchain Takes Over Of Spanish Football and Eliminates VAR

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Over time, technology has grown and, in turn, has merged with the various aspects of daily life and people’s tastes worldwide. This time it is the opportunity of the King of Sports, none other than Soccer, which has been adopting various technological tools that allow participants such as players, coaches, referees, and other essential pieces of the matches to use them. Visit to sign up, start trading, or use this virtual currency for regular purchases.

Ball tracking with Blockchain

On this occasion, the protagonist that has created controversy regarding Blockchain technology is LaLiga, which directs the most important Spanish soccer championship, considering itself one of the great tournaments worldwide.

The objective is to implement a new system that allows tracking of the balls that have been used to score goals, called Gol- Ball, managing to certify the use of the said ball to later be sold to fans through official markets or in raffles.

The proposals to obtain income from the clubs are endless, and it is where technology and sport merge that there will perhaps be more than one fan who wishes to have a ball that has been kicked by their soccer star and is better than it has been the protagonist of a Goal.

This platform is planned to come into force after the World Cup in Qatar ends.

This technology could represent a lot for soccer players, as ex-soccer player Samuel Eto’o puts it, who remembers that every time they scored a goal, they were given a ball with which they had supposedly scored. Still, uncertainty always remained if this was the ball or was one of the many that had been mixed up during a football season.

Not only will the balls be subject to technological application, but they will also be available to fans through fan recruitment processes that will be made public by January 2023.

VAR technology

The world is constantly evolving, and various aspects, such as entertainment, politics, sports, the economy, and other daily life, are essential for applying technology.

In the entire case of Soccer, the focus that is given concerning the use of technology is mainly based on the use of resources to make the sport much fairer about penalties and failures during the development of match soccer.

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology was created and implemented during the Soccer World Cup in Russia. Technical assistance is provided to the referees during a match to accurately determine the faults committed and the execution of the goals.

The uses are specific; if a goal has been scored, a foul must be determined that enables the execution of a penalty or simply a foul that warrants the sentence of a card that imposes the correct sanction on a player.

Given the application of a technology to identify the balls that are the object of a goal, the possible elimination of VAR was even considered, but it is more than clear that this technology has been a contributor to the king of sports in which not only the fans They become match judges if they do not support the fouls or images projected by the VAR, so both will operate in the middle of Soccer.

Blockchain unites fans with sport.

Blockchain, fans tokens, and NFT seemed impossible to identify in the world of Soccer since these are elements of technology that today significantly impact the various users of internet platforms.

Blockchain has allowed fans to establish a much more extreme link with their teams or clubs, where the possibility of obtaining their products becomes much more accessible to interact with the same players and managers of the sports teams that make up the big soccer clubs.

It is important to note that for 2022, sponsorships by companies related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the ones that are significantly promoting Soccer and its participants.


Currently, fans of this sport are focused on every event that occurs in the FIFA World Cup Qatar, which serves as a showcase for new and established players and the exhibition of new ideas to keep track of what happens in each game.

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