Ezoic Review: How to Increase Adsense Earning?

Ezoic Review _ How to Increase Adsense Earning_

Ezoic is a top-ranking platform for publishers. It is also a Google award-winning tool and an industry leader in terms of machine learning. The central theme inspires Ezoic that digital ecosystem complexity makes publishers struggle in making critical decisions.

Publishers have a large number of competing objectives and priorities to balance. Hence, they required an effective way to streamline, balance, and optimize all the key drivers to their success.

Today, Ezoic is a market leader that leverages machine learning techniques to evaluate website visitors’ behavioral characteristics better. A unique thing about Ezoic is its ability to raise website income. In this article, we will present a detailed Ezoic review of how it facilitates Adsense earnings.

Learn more about Ezoic here. - A Google Certified Publishing Partner.  

What does Ezoic do?

Ezoic is the world’s first one and only Google Adsense Certified Partner based on AI technology. It is one of the best performing Google ad tester tools to grow website ad revenue by 50% to 250% legitimately.

Ezoic delivers automated website intelligence for online publishers’ adverts, content, layouts, and more. It collects essential data and automates decisions that enhance website revenue, SEO, and user experience. It is a far better option than the highest-used Google Adsense Alternatives working with Google ad Exchange partners.

In short, Ezoic not only refines website functionality by also boosts blog ad revenue to expand income by 70%-200%. Let us check what does Ezoic claims and what its contributions are in amplifying Adsense Earnings.

What are the significant functions of Ezoic?

Is your idea about Ezoic not clear? We have presented here some of its primary functions assimilated by assessing a bunch of Ezoic Review.

Sophisticated Testing and Premium Revenue

Advertisers place bids on advertising based on tens of thousands of criteria. Ezoic employs machine learning to discover which combination of variables performs best for various categories of visitors. The key variables include ad networks, number of advertisements, ad kinds, placements, and so on.

Ezoic testing begins with a free 30-day trial, allowing sites to conduct multivariate tests and switch Ezoic on and off as needed. What makes you think it should be any other way?

Over time it would continue optimizing and growing revenue while brushing up user experiences. It claims to be the most trustworthy platform for big brands and publishers.

Visualize the proof of higher revenue

Ezoic allows any website to compare traffic and split-test using other monetization methods or designs. Moreover, it attempts to give traffic control to the publishers sent through its platform. The traffic control helps them analyze how Ezoic regulates revenue and traffic as per their goals.

The ‘optimization goals’ dialog box shows various options, using which you can give better clarity to your site. The options fall under two major groups – UX options and Revenue options. Additionally, the amount of revenue and user experience can be regulated to escalate optimization by 100%

Neither Any Contract Scenario nor Any Exclusive Lock-ins

The sites frequently begin using Ezoic using our unique super-fast A/B testing tools and bypassing merely 20-50 percent of their traffic via our platform.

Sites may compare Ezoic apples-to-apples to any outsourced ad partner, single ad network, or any current ad agreements in this way. You can see how Ezoic performs on the same traffic as the present ad configuration to make sure of a site’s income.

As Ezoic does not require signing any contract, sites can stop, start and test all of a sudden. No notice or no agreement exists. These aspects are not in the best interests of the site.

How does Ezoic help to increase AdSense earnings?

By now, your mind must have come across the ultimate question – How to increase Adsense earnings using Ezoic? As per one Ezoic Review, it doubles your Adsense earnings by using the auto ad optimization technique.

Mere blog optimization is not enough to magnify the Adsense income, although efficacious ad formats, placement, and ad slots are necessary. You will have to gas up the ad slots assigned all across the web pages in simple terms. It will allow you to earn extra AdSense money without hampering website performance.

Maximum time, you neglect to monetize the content with ad-optimization tools such as colors, sizes, and location on every single page. This platform does all forms of ad optimization by itself and then proceeds toward automatic testing. It enlarges your earning potential along with a sharp boost in the CTR (Click-through rate).

Ezoic brings earnings from $5.021 per 1000 visors to $16.63, a 232% hike. According to one Ezoicreview, you do not need to run an A/B test, optimize, or anything else after installing the ads.

Furthermore, it is a viable idea to use social platforms to drive traffic to your Adsense website if you are into social media marketing.

Therefore, you will get a daily growth of estimated Adsense income with improved user experience, higher traffic, and rising page views. So, why are you wasting valuable time knowing contextual ad networks’ revenue? Integrate your website with the Adsense Certified Ezoic program and enjoy double Adsense Earnings. So, Get Started With Ezoic today and grow your Adsense revenue exponentially.


Your websites no longer need to trust external advice. Do not let any online hearsay black box solutions mislead you. Ezoic provides an end-to-end platform for monetizing the Google Adsense websites.

Trust Ezoic, stay in line with all the procedures and see what outstanding results you would receive from Adsense. I hope this Ezoic review article is enough for you to join. So signup today and start your online journey.

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  1. Nice Article. I have one question or you can say one doubt. Should we integrate ezoic through ezoic plugin, cloudflare or change nameservers. I am getting no relevant information. Can you please guide?

    1. If you have a WordPress site then I would suggest you to integrate Ezoic with nameserver. It is highly recommended by Ezoic. I did it and you can also do it. If you have more queries let me know.

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