(2 Terrific Methods): How To Add Admin In Facebook Page

how to add admin in facebook page

In this article, I have decided to let you know how to add admin in Facebook pages. Basically, Facebook Pages are a Fan page or Company page used for commercial and non commercial purposes.

What we Will Cover

Let’s get started with method 1 first.

NOTE: To assign Facebook page roles to anyone  such as editor, admin or contributor you must be the admin of that page. Otherwise you would not be able assign any of the above mentioned roles to anyone.

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Method 1: How To Add Admin In Facebook Page on Desktop

STEP 1: Firstly, login to your Facebook profile.

STEP 2 : After logging, go to the “Your shortcuts” in the left column, click your page if you can see there, if not, click “See more” button to further drill down to find the page. If both of the above techniques are not working, then click the “Account” link on the top right corner and then click “See all profiles to find out your page

how to add admin facebook page

STEP 3: After entering into your page, go to the “Setting” section. You will find this section on the extreme right side, just below the blue navigation menu.

STEP 4:  Now you are in the setting section of your page. If you will analyze the setting page carefully you will come to know that the page is divided in two parts. One part on the left consists of tabs such as “General”, “Messaging”,”Page Info”, “Template and Tabs”, “Notification,Advance Messaging”, “Facebook badges”, “Page roles”, and many more where as the second part on the right describe each of the tabs available on the left column.

STEP 5: Now in order to assign a page role  such as admin, editor or moderator, advertiser or analyst to anyone of your friends or colleagues you would need to click “Page Roles” tab available on the left column. 

When you click the Page Roles then on the right column you would be able to see the list of hyperlinks under the section such as “Assign a new Page role” “Page Owner”  and “Existing Page roles”.

To assign a new role or to edit the existing page rolles click “Jump To Sectionor scroll down according to your needs.

STEP 6: As here, we are learning How To Add Admin In Facebook Page on Desktop. So we will enter the name or email id of a person whom we want to assign as an “admin”.

STEP 7: After adding a person, wait for his/her approval. When they accept the invitation, they will become the admin of your Facebook page.

Note: Never make admin to someone whom you do not know.

In this way you will be able to add admin to your Facebook business or fan page. Not only admin, you can add anyone as a contributor, editor, or analysts.

Now you have learnt how to add admin in Facebook on Desktop Now I will let you know how you can add admin to someone using Facebook mobile apps. 

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Method 2:  How To Add Admin in Facebook On Facebook Mobile Apps.

Let us now dive into the details and understand the concept about how to add admin in Facebook on Facebook mobile apps.

STEP 1: First and foremost tap the blue colored Facebook apps with white “F” on it. 

STEP 2: Tap on the three horizontal straight lines icon accessible on the upper right corner which is just beside  the bell icons.

add admin to facebook page

STEP 3: After tapping the three horizontal lines you will enter into the “Menu” section where you will see a link named “Your Pages”.  Tap to “Your Pages”  to enter into the “Pages” section.

Now choose any of your pages from the “Pages” section.For example,here I have chosen Beingoptimist.

STEP 4: Just below your Facebook page name you will see a “Menu” list consisting of “Overview”, “Ads”, “Inbox”, “Notifications”, and ”More”. 

STEP 5:, Now, click on the “More” setting. This section consists of 4 parts that are “General”, “Activity”, “Page Control”, and “Grow your audience”. 

STEP 6: Now advance to “Page control” and then hit the “Settings” button.

STEP 7: Under the “Settings” you would need to go to the “Page Roles” section.

STEP 8: When you will hit the “Page Roles” tab then at first you will get an option to “Add Person to Page”. Click “Add Person to Page” and enter your Facebook id password and hit the “Continue button.

STEP 9: Now, at last type the name of a Facebook user whom you want to make an admin and hit the “Add button. 

Finally, wait for their approval. When they accept your invitation they will become the admin of your page.

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Finally, you have learnt how to add admin in Facebook pages using desktop and facebook mobile apps.However, there is a third party app called Facebook Pages Manager which you can download on your mobile from Playstore and can easily assign roles to the users. So, it’s up to you which methods you want to use to assign roles to users. My role was to make you aware about all these methods.

At last, If you find this information valuable, never forget to share with your near and dear ones. In addition, if you have any valuable ideas or tips and tricks then comment on the below comment box to share with us.

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