How To Add Signature In Gmail

How To Add Signature In Gmail

Gmail is the top-most platform for sending electronic mails. You may look for some reliable sources to buy Gmail PVA accounts. We will be beginning our Google journey from this blog. If you are wondering How to add signature in Gmail, you are at the right place. This is an easy tutorial on How to Add Signature in Gmail.

Firstly, let us see what Google Mail signature does:

The signature feature is more of a letter signatory footer that appears at the end of every mail. To make functions smooth for users, you can add multiple signs and even modify their formats as desired in Gmail.

How To Add Signature In Gmail: Create A Gmail Signature

We will see how to create a Gmail Signature in Desktop, Android, and iPhone (iOS) with pictures.

How to Add Signature in Gmail in Desktop: Step by Step Instructions to Create Gmail Signature

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account.

Step 2: For the default template for Gmail, Look at the settings gear on the top right side.

how to add signature in gmail

Step 3: Click on See all settings.

Step 4: On the Settings screen, be on General section.

Step 5: Scroll down the screen to find Signatures.

Step 6: Select CREATE NEW.


Step 7: A new box will open as Name new Signature. On the text box add the signatory name you would want to appear for display on your mail footer.


Step 8: Hit Create.

Step 9: On the right of it, you can modify or format the style of the Gmail signature.


Step 10: Again, move down and click on Save Changes to complete the process.


You can add multiple signatures for different emails you send and forward. You can create a signature for new mails while using a different signature for other specific mails.

How To Add Signature In Gmail In Android: Create A Gmail Signature Guide For Gmail App

Step 1: Touch open your smartphone’s Gmail app.

Step 2: Find the hamburger icon.


Step 3: Now go down and and tap on Settings.


Step 4: If you have multiple Gmail accounts, select the one you want the signature added to.


Step 5: In the General section, tap on the Mobile signature.


Step 6: A fresh Signature box will appear for you to enter the name text of the Gmail signature.


Step 7: Say OK, and your Gmail signature will be created.

How To Add Signature In Gmail In iPhone And iOs Devices: Create A Gmail Signature In Gmail App

Step 1: Follow the steps from How to Add Signature in Gmail in Android till step 6.

Step 2: Go to signature settings.

Step 3: Turn on Mobile Signature.

Step 4: Add or edit Gmail Signature here.

Step 5: Hit the Back icon to save.

Conclusion on How to Add Signature in Gmail.

This would be the easiest how to add signature in Gmail tutorial. You can edit the Gmail Signature the same way you create it. When you visit the Gmail settings to create a Gmail signature, you would see a pen icon next to your added signatures. Simply click on it to modify the same.

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