How to Delete Adobe Account

How to Delete Adobe Account

You are in the right place if you are looking for How to delete Adobe account. There are some scenarios where you will have to look up to first if you want to delete your Adobe ID. 

  • If you have an active adobe subscription, you cannot delete your adobe account.
  • By deleting your Adobe ID, you will lose all adobe services and applications.
  • Even the files and folders in the cloud will become inaccessible.
  • There is no way to reverse or restore data once the account is deleted.
  • The deletion is permanent and final. There are no ways to get the old adobe ID back once it has been deleted.

Therefore, we suggest you get worked up with some precautions before you practically delete your Adobe account.

Download all data stored in Adobe and make a backup copy of all the files and data that you have stored in your Adobe account cloud.

How to Delete Adobe Account

Here are the clear steps on how to delete your Adobe account.

Step 1: Sign in to your Adobe account or directly visit the link

Step 2: This link will take you to the Adobe Privacy section. Go down to Delete Account. Click on Continue.

Step 3: A new Delete account page will open up on the screen under the Privacy settings. All the information regarding your Adobe account will be given there. It includes what will happen to your data and your Adobe account ID once you click on Continue. 

Step 4: If you are ready to erase your Adobe account, click on Continue. If you do not want to do so, you can opt for Back to account.

Now, depending on the type of Adobe user account, different prompts could flash on the screen.

Step 5: If you are an individual adobe user with an active plan, you would be asked to cancel or manage those plans. Along with that, you would be requested to leave any organisation that you are a part of while working on Adobe. Based on the list of active plans you have, click on Cancel plan.

If you are using Adobe as a team member of any organization, you would have to leave the organization before permanently removing your adobe account ID. So, click on Leave organization for all the organizations you have been a part of.

Step 6: Now, the last verification for your permanent adobe account deletion will pop on the screen. Under Delete account, you will see the scripts for Final confirmation of Adobe ID removal. Check the tick on Yes, I understand and want to permanently delete the Adobe Account as an agreement. To the enclosure. 

Step 7: Select Confirm delete account.

Summing up on How to Delete Adobe Account

We all know Adobe gives us multiple options of software to work with when it comes to graphic designing, photography, videography, cloud storage services as well as website development. From creative content creation to document management, Adobe has got it all covered. 

Nevertheless, for any reason, you are looking for a way to delete your Adobe account, you just have to follow these few simple steps to get started with the process.

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