How to Send a PayPal Invoice

how to send a paypal invoice

Do you know how to send a PayPal invoice? Well, it cannot be done through a personal PayPal account. You need to own to be registered with a PayPal business account to create and send invoices.

It takes a maximum of five minutes to create and send a PayPal invoice to your customers. In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step on how to send a PayPal invoice. However, first, you need to have some of these information at hand to carry out the procedure smoothly.

Here are the three data you need to execute creating and sending PayPal invoices:

· PayPal Business account email address or username

· PayPal Business account password

· Customer e-mail address

Also, PayPal deducts a transaction fee when your client pays the invoice. Do not worry, this PayPal Merchant fee is low. It depends on the currency, region, payment mode, amount of transaction, and such factors.

Step by Step Guide on How to Create a PayPal Invoice on PayPal App

Step 1- Log in to your PayPal Business account.

Step 2- At the bottom of the screen, you will see the option of an arrow facing upward. Tap on that.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 1

Step 3- When the menu opens, you will find the New invoice option. Or you can skip to Invoicing right next to the arrow.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 2

Step 4- On the new page, either select Create new invoice (if it is your first ever invoice) or the plus (+) sign at the bottom in the middle of the screen.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 3

Step 5- At the top of the page, the invoice number will be displayed. You can edit this by tapping there.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 4

Step 6- Select on Bill to. Here, fill in the. Here, fill in the customer’s email ID and their name.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 5

Step 7- If you are sending the bill to another business, you can go to Add more information. Then enter the business name and billing address. When you do that, a fresh form will appear to fill in the business address details. Save it by tapping on OK.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 6

Step 8- Select the currency of payment.

Step 9- Now, you are back to the Add Customer area. Choose whether the billing and delivery address would be the same for this customer or not. Once all the information is completed, click on Add.

Step 10- The other part you have to enter is, Add item or service. If you do not have any existing items on PayPal, you can create one that you are charging the client for. Select Create new item.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 7

Step 11- Name the item or service. You can add on a Description. Add the price and quantity. Tax name and Tax rate that is compulsory to be paid. Check on the Save item. In the end, tap on Add.

Step 12- You can come down to Discount (if any) along with Postage and packaging charges (if any).

Step 13- Any messages or notes to the customer can be addressed from the next option.

Step 14- In More options, the billing date, Due date, Terms and Conditions, Reference, Memo, and any image can be added to the invoice.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 8

Congratulations! You have now successfully created an invoice.

Step by Step Guide on How to Send a PayPal Invoice on Phone

Step 1- Once done with creating the PayPal invoice, tap on the right arrow sign on the right at the bottom of the screen.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 9

Step 2- A menu will appear with four options, Send invoice, Share invoice, Generate QR code, Save as draft. Choose one as suitable.

Step 3- You might be led to a screen with Send Invoice page where the customer’s email address is being asked again.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 10

Step 4- Select Send.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 11

Step by Step Guide on How to Send a PayPal Invoice on Computer

The steps to create and send an invoice to your customers through the PayPal website is similar to sending an invoice in the PayPal application. Step 1- Log in to

Step 2- Fill in the credentials as asked on the website under the Log In area.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 12

Step 3- You will come to another screen. Here fill in the customer details under Create invoice as asked before clicking on next.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 13

Step 4- This will take you to the Invoicing section. Fill in the form as required with all the necessary details.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 14

Step 5- You can scroll down to More information to add extra data if needed.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 15 How to Send a PayPal Invoice 16

Step 6- On the left-hand side, you can get the invoice calculations.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice 17

Step 7- Once done, click on the preview to see how the bill will appear to the customer. Then click on Send, or you can choose to send the invoice link.


Both of these procedures are easy to follow. They are simple and take only a few minutes when all the invoice information is at hand.

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