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Lano review

In the past years, the world of work has truly changed. Day by day, more and more businesses announce their remote-first policies and gain an astonishing amount of attention from prospect talent. No wonder why Spotify or Gitlab are the leading players in their sectors.

But how do they do it? How can smaller businesses form the same global hiring practices? The secret is the Employer of Record model.

Employer of Record model explained

An Employer of Record allows businesses to hire full-time employees in a foreign country without the need of setting up a legal entity. While the Employer of Record (EOR) provider acts as the legal employer of the local worker, the employer remains in full control of the employees’ day-to-day activities. As a third party, the Employer of Record takes care of:

  • Compliance: local labour law and other regulations, employment contracts etc.
  • Payroll and taxes: tax registration, processing of all the necessary withholdings and deductions, payments etc.
  • Local benefit administration: compliant and attractive benefit packages, registration with local pension funds, health insurance etc.
  • Termination: managing the separation process according to local standards etc.

In this sense, Employer of Record is a quick, easy and cost-effective global growth solution for small to medium sized businesses that wish to explore new markets without having to commit to establishing a legal entity, such as a subsidiary company in a different country.

Lano – Global hiring platform

If you are interested in a flexible hiring solution that provides the highest compliance standards and quality service, there is no need to look beyond a german-found global hiring platform Lano.

Backed up by a global network of employment law, tax and payroll experts, Lano is one of the fastest growing European Employer of Record providers in the market.

Businesses such as Beat21 and Green Energy are already enjoying the benefits of easy global hiring with Lano. However, their client base also includes Gorillas, Preply, Fastic, Iron Hack and Scout24.

Why choose Lano

  • Global customer support: 24/7 in multiple languages (EN, DE, FR, ES, PL)
  • Dual focus: In addition to our business services, Lano offers free features for employees (payslips, document management, …) and contractors (invoicing app, timesheets)
  • Strong expertise in European compliance (GDPR, employment law etc.)
  • All employment types: remote employees, contractors and freelancers

Key Facts about Lano

  • Found in 2018
  • Found in Berlin, Germany
  • Founders Aurel Albrect and Markus Schünemann


Lano can integrate with your existing tools such as Jira, Okta, Workday, DocuSign, Coupa, Microsoft Dynamics, Outlook, and more.

Lano Employer of Record Pricing

Lano Employer of Record pricing varies per country, however the approximate cost for one employee is approximately €550 with no other hidden/setup fees.

Getting Started with Lano

At this point, you still may have many questions regarding the Employer of Record. In this case, we strongly advise you to get in touch with Lano directly.

Simply book a demo via this form on their website and you will get connected to Lano account executive and the experts will address all your questions.

Consultations are free, and if you wish to proceed with the EOR hiring model, you may also be eligible for a 10-20% global hiring discount when hiring an international team.

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