How to Improve Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation

As the name suggests, digital transformation is when brands and companies change their business models to adapt to the new market reality. It includes making changes in how they operate internally and externally and adopting new technologies to improve how they engage with their customers. 

The most interesting thing about digital transformation is that it is not led by brands or companies themselves, rather it is driven by the customers. Nowadays customers would expect relevant content or products that can benefit them in the format and device of their choosing. It is their very own demands that dictate the brands’ strategy. 

Alongside better fulfilling customers’ needs, digital transformation is also better for operational efficiency. 35% of the businesses claim to have benefitted from digital transformation in meeting their customers’ expectations and 38% of them plan to invest in more technology for improved operational efficiency.  If you were an Xfinity internet subscriber, you can reach out to Xfinity customer service on their website through chatbots. These chatbots are AI-powered which means that your queries will be responded to by a computer program, letting some human customer service representatives deal with other pressing matters. 

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience 

In a world that is turning digital day by day, there are plenty of issues that can be set to improve to work towards an enhanced customer service experience.

  • Personalization. Nowadays customers expect a personalized experience through every channel they use. And one way for brands to make that possible is through dynamic content that can change based on individual preferences. For instance, Netflix personalizes its homepage according to users’ preferences, displaying TV shows and programs based on what that user previously watched.
  • Consistency. Customers also want to have a consistent experience across multiple channels so that they can have access to information and products, no matter what kind of channel they choose to make use of. A consistent customer experience will always result in a satisfying customer experience. Take an example from Apple: the company provides a seamless experience from its website to Apple Store or iTunes. No matter what channel a customer is on, he can check out products and their information, get assistance, etc. through his computer or mobile devices.
  • Providing Automation. Implementing automation will lead to reduced wait times and provide instant responses, which is what customers usually expect through these channels. Chatbots provide such improved user experiences. They are computer programs that can mimic human conversation to respond to the customers’ queries. Chatbots can handle a large number of queries effectively and quickly, and that results in providing a bit of relaxation to human customer service representatives.
  • Customer Onboarding. Most companies do not have excellent customer onboarding experiences and that can change with the help of a digital transformation strategy. Digital transformation can provide guidance towards improved customer onboarding experiences.
  • Data Transparency. There is always a lot of controversy about how companies and brands use customers’ information. Digital transformation will make it easier for customers to learn about how their data and personal information is being used. 87% of the users claim that they would like to control and review how their personal information is being used on platforms, according to a survey by World Economic Forum. This will help build customers’ trust towards the business, and that is essential for any business growth. 
  • Providing Value. Through digital transformation, businesses need to give emphasis on making their customers feel like their opinions are valued. If there is an e-commerce platform, brands can ask customers what kind of changes they want to see on their website such as adding more filters to help them find the products or other methods to improve their shopping experiences.

Final Thoughts

Digital transformation plays a very huge role in building and improving customer experiences. Businesses can leverage new technologies and channels to work towards providing an exceptional customer experience, making it more convenient and personalized. As a result, it is showing an improvement in customer engagement and customer satisfaction, as well as better financial performance.

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