Complete Beginner Guide: How to Turn Off PS4

Complete Beginner Guide: How to Turn Off PS4

It goes without saying that the PS4 will go into history as one of the biggest platforms of its generation. When it comes to its impact on the gaming community as a whole, one can’t deny its greatness. The platform had some of the best exclusives ever, ranging from God of War, all the way to Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel’s Spider-man.

Still, just because the PS5 is here, this doesn’t mean that PS4 is obsolete. Like every next-gen console, the PS5 still has a lot of catching up to do, which means that when it comes to sheer numbers, a lot of people are still more than content with their PS4’s.

Now, even though the console was released in 2013 (November 15th), there are a lot of people who are just now buying their first PS4. While the platform is built to be quite simple and intuitive, there are a couple of simple maintenance tips that could make your life a lot simpler. One of these tips is how to properly turn off your PS4. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Turn Off PS4 (Two Proper Ways to Do It)

There are two ways to turn off your PS4, depending on whether you want to use your controller or not.

The controller method requires you to press and hold the middle button (the one with the PS logo) for a couple of seconds. After this, the menu will pop up on your screen. This quick menu will offer you to either enter the rest mode, turn off your PS4, or restart the device (in that order). What you need to do is choose the middle option (turn off PS4). The option in question is also warning you to select this option before unplugging the AC power cord for maximum safety.

Another thing you can do is physically turn the console off by pressing and holding the power button (for roughly 7 seconds). Now, people who had PS consoles for years and decades might feel bad by taking this route, even though there’s no objective reason for this. The power of habit is a powerful thing. Remember, there’s no harm done in turning your PS this way (other than having to walk to the device in order to do so). Still, the majority of people still choose the first method (out of habit, as we’ve mentioned).

On the other hand, this is a quicker method, perfect for situations in which you’re in a rush (like when you’re late for your racquetball session).

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, unlike the first PlayStation and its immersive Street Racquetball, there are no racquetball games for PS4.

What’s the Difference Between Turning It Off and Putting It in Rest Mode?

While, on the surface, PS4 rest mode may feel similar to a complete shutdown, there are still processes running in the device. Sure, this doesn’t put as much stress on your PS4 as if it was in actual use, but it still uses more electricity than if you turned it off completely.

So, why do people put their PS4 in sleep mode? Most likely because it’s easier to turn on. When in rest mode, it will take a second or two to have your PS4 completely up and running. When completely shut down, this process may take more than 30 seconds.

Another benefit of putting your PS4 in rest mode is that the games can be installed during this period. Active games are suspended in rest mode, which means that you can just skip loading screens and wait for boot-ups. In other words, you can pick up just where you left off.

To make the long story short, it’s more convenient but uses more power. When planning to be away for a while, it might be more ethical to just turn it off?

Why Is My PS4 So Slow All of a Sudden?

The truth is that the fact that your PS4 has slowed down a bit probably doesn’t have anything to do with the way you turn it off or whether you put it in rest mode or turn it off completely. One thing worth mentioning, nonetheless, is that you should avoid plugging it out or trying to hold the power button while the update is in progress.

The main culprit for a slow PS4 is actually your internet connection. Another possible reason is a full hard disk. In this scenario, you might want to consider checking out how to delete games you no longer play on PS4.

Faulty hard disk or poor ventilation can also be a likely cause.

In Conclusion

Overall, it’s always good to know one or two ways to perform a function that you meet on a regular basis. This is definitely the case with turning off your PS4. Gamers are sometimes a superstitious bunch. It’s also important that you understand what myths are and which actions can really cause your PS4 to slow down. Fortunately, now you know better.

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