10 Must Read Books For Men Which Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Must Read Books For Men

With time, the habit of reading books is being lost in people. Nowadays, almost everyone is on digital platforms and browses Google for every single thing. We read, learn, listen on the internet, but digitally. If bliss is the only purpose, why not roll our eyes on printed papers with lots of knowledge?

Books can be your ultimate friend in any situation. You can get your answers to your questions related to your problems, life, relationship, education, entertainment, and many more. But still, we shuffle the internet.

So, here I am to influence you to read books. It may be the one that you have in your cupboard. But that too can drag you into the habit of reading books.

Must Read Books For Men:

1.The Lord of The Rings:

J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel The Lord of Rings was initially written as a sequel to Tolkien’s 1937 children’s book The Hobbit but eventually developed into a much larger work.

The book focuses on the greed of power and rulership. The book explains how Dark Lord Sauron created One Ring to rule other Rings of Power to conquer his middle-earth ruling.

Reading this book is equivalent to going to adventure yourself. As the pages unfold, the story, plot, fantastic description, and writer’s imaginary brain will mesmerize you. And this book can be considered one of the best books for men.

2.Jurassic Park:

This book is one of the best books for men to pick. The author’s aesthetic pen has brought us an imaginary and thrilling situation of complications.

The science fiction novel of Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park, was published in 1990. If you are a fan of a sci-fi novel and hazards related to it, you should give it a read.

The story revolves around how genetically recreated dinosaurs bring chaos to the real world. As the story continues, the author’s creative mind will stupefy you with the solution—this one of the best books that every man should read.

3.The Road:

Whatever bad comes, hope is vital in unlocking the solution. Depending upon each other’s world, the father and the son walk on the streets of burnt America.

Cormac McCarthy narrates the bonding between a father and son in his novel The Road.

Nothing except a gun in hand, the father and son duo crosses the land and reaches the coast. But the journey was not so buttery for them. And the hazards have been explicitly described by the author. Indeed, the book is one of the must-read books for men.

To discover the perilous path, you need to go through the pages of the book. And I can tell that you will reach the coast. But in the way, get ready to be lost in the novel’s pages.

4.Fahrenheit 451:

Books have always been the printed format of telling the truth with literary touch to knowledgeable people. American author Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953. It was considered one of his best creations. The story asserts the devastating scenario of burning books of literature and knowledge. The protagonist, Guy Montag, is a fireman by profession who was involved in this. But when he realized his flaws, he began to preserve the literary and cultural creations. If you are a man and have not read the book yet, grab it soon. It is one of the best picks for men.

5.Hard Times:

Charles Dickens’s tenth novel Hard Times was first published in 1854. This novel was written in a tripartite structure, and each of them is named as respectively ‘Sowing,’ ‘Reaping,’ and ‘Garnering.’

The novel illustrates how English society runs and its social and economic conditions when the book was written. Dickens’s credible plot and excellent narrative style make it one of the best books for men.


Yossarian, an incomparable bombardier posted in Italy during the second world war, was not at all inclined to kill people whom he didn’t even know. He was furious to know why thousands of people want to kill him. But his main problem was the bureaucratic rule Catch-22. If he denies flying his assigned duties, he would be considered as he violated the rule Catch-22.

This 1961’s classic literary creation by Joseph Heller will horrify you with its brutality and realistic approach, and that is what makes it one of the must-read books for men.


The French satire Candide by Voltaire was first published in 1759. Later it was widely translated into English with titles like ‘The Optimist’ or ‘Optimism’ and many more.

His teacher taught the lead character, Candide, that this world is the best of all possible worlds. And keeping this belief, the optimist philosopher Candide’s story began. The construction of the book makes it one of the best picks for men.

And to know the rest of the story, give a read to the book. Voltaire’s pen will amaze you for sure.

8.Gulliver’s Travels:

This book is one of the best books worldwide. Jonathan Swift has credibly crafted the plot and storyline of the novel. The Irish writer has incredibly satirized human society, nature, and the contemporary political scenario. I can bet that you will thoroughly enjoy the journey of Lemuel Gulliver while going on adventures with him. If you are an adventure freak man, you will find this one to be among the must-read books for men.


Dracula is a gothic novel published in 1897. This novel is based on Count Dracula, who is presented to satisfy our Vampire fantasy. The Irish author, Bram Stoker, tells us Count Dracula’s attempts to go to England from Transylvania for new blood. The war between Dracula and a small group of courageous people is also depicted here. The thrilling narrative technique makes the novel one of the best books for men to read.

10.Moby Dick:

This book is a must-read for all the men out there. American writer Herman Melville wrote the 1851 novel. The story is of Captain Ahab, who has a burning fury and hostility for a white whale responsible for losing a leg. He then sets out for a perilous sea voyage to take revenge on the whale.

The novel is narrated by one of his crew members, Ishmael. Captain Ahab gradually becomes desperate and lunatic at the same time. As the story unfolds itself, we find exciting episodes in it. I can bet this book must be one of the best books you have ever picked.

Final Words:

Men face challenges everywhere. And when it comes to handling them, they find a way to be calm and reserved. What can be a better way to concentrate other than books? The habit of reading books can help you throughout your life with every single problem. So, trust the books and pick any book from the list mentioned above to make your manhood memorable.

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