The 10 Best Books For Women, According To Amazon Reviews

Best Books For Women

Our society has always hegemonized women. The stereotypical ideology of our society has forbidden them from education, stepping outside of the home premises and meeting new people, and many more.

But with time came evolution. Now women are equally respected as men. They have their rights. They can determine their life on their own terms. What made this happen? The answer is ‘education.’ Books took center stage precisely at this moment.

Although books are not categorized for men and women but still, according to the choice and taste of the readers, there are some particular genres and books written explicitly on feminism and women. And we have that list of the best books for women. Take a look at the list below.

I can bet you will like them more than anything!

Best books for women:

1.Little Women:

Many scholars claim that this 1868’s two-volume book is Alcott’s own biography or semi-biography. But in reality, this is a tale of four sisters, their strong bond, their survival amidst the American Civil War. The way Louisa May Alcott presented the story of the March family with her mighty pen is incredible. The book explained how the childhood of a young girl overlapped with young womanhood. It is indeed a tale of evaluation of an individual from a girl to a woman. This book is considered one of the best books for women.

2.Pride and Prejudice:

The 1813s romantic novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen portrays socio-political and economic scenarios. The feminist tone of the story makes this novel a must-read for the women out there. Austen has critically satirized the notion of marriage in the book.

Though the first meeting of the two protagonists of the novel was not so pleasing and memorable, The poetic and heartwarming ending of the story will surely melt your heart with the course of events. The creative plots and gradual progression of the love story of Darcy and Elizabeth make this novel one of the best books for women.

3.Jane Eyre:

This book is one of the best books for women. Rumors say this to be a biography of Charlotte Brontë. It narrates a tale of freedom, independence, and feminism.

The protagonist of this novel, Jane Eyre, seeks freedom. She wants to live her life on her own terms. But as the pages turn, we discover Jane falling in love with Rochester.

But, life gives lemons! Jane had to make a choice, either to stay with her beloved or to follow her stances.

If you are impressed with Charlotte’s writing and want to know Jane’s decision, you need to go through the novel. This is absolutely one of the best books to read for women of all time.

4.Wuthering Heights:

However, or whatever worse comes in life, revenge is not a solution. It pushes you to further darkness. The same thing happens to Heathcliff. In his childhood, the cruel gardening and brutal torture to Heathcliff made him stone dead from his inner self. The orphan lad, adopted by Earnshaw, had nothing but survive the painful childhood.

And that made him outrageously cruel like his step-father. As a result, Heathcliff’s deeds paid him back later. If you are curious to know how Heathcliff was paid back, give a read to Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. It is one of the best books I have ever picked in my life.

5.The Lowland:

Jhumpa Lahiri’s bestseller book, The Lowland, depicts the story of two brothers, Udayan and Subhas. They seemed to be inseparable in their childhood. But by the course of time, they separate. Their different ideology leads them to separation.

Udayan was involved in the Naxalite movement, where Subhas fled to the U.S. Soon, Subhas had to come back to Calcutta, where he found something astonishing!

You must be curious to know how the story moves forward. For that, you need to buy the book and give it a read. This is considered to be one of the best books.

6.The Color Purple:

In today’s era also, women are still exploited and abused. This novel deals with that gruesome situation only. Celie, a 14 years old girl, had been abused and impregnated by her own father twice. And then forcefully got married to someone whom she initially never loved. Many tragedies continue to occur in her life.

But still, she finds her way back to her roots; she learns to fight her fate. The whole story narrates the socio-cultural scenario of the contemporary era. It is one of the best examples of how the women of the society were treated then, and simultaneously it recites the solution as well.

The beautifully imagined plots and the storyline by the author Alice Walker make this one of the best books for women.

7.Mrs. Dalloway:

Whether we belong to an upper-class family or a lower-class family, we all live in a society. And society runs by specific rules, decorum, and etiquettes. Many live their lives beyond society’s rules. But society differentiates.

Virginia Woolf’s best novel, Mrs. Dalloway, describes the story of a lady who belongs to an upper-class family, lives in high society, and judges people according to their degree and success. But towards the end of the story, the death of Septimus made Mrs. Dalloway understood what wrong she was doing and rectified herself.

8.Wide Sargasso Sea:

Racism and racial marginalization are still contemporary. Jean Rhys had beautifully narrated the actual scenario of racism and identity crisis. The story begins in Jamaica after the Emancipation Act of 1833. The protagonist Antoinette is a daughter of an ex-slaveholder who dies after passing the Emancipation Act of 1833. their estate begins to fall into ruin.

Antoinette turns 17 under the care of one of her loyal slaves, Christophine. Soon she got married to someone for whom she never felt for. But afterward, the decisions she made had absolutely changed her life. Indeed this book is one of the best books to read for women.

9.The Amateur Marriage:

Have you ever seen a perfectly mismatched couple? No? Then you may not have read this novel. Michael and Pauline, the two lead characters of the story, are physically very much fit for each other, but their personality does not. To impress Pauline, Michael joined the army amid World War II, and soon they got married as well.

But the aftermath of getting married to an absolutely opposite personality and the consequences will make you laugh, love and smile. This novel by Anne Tyler is one of the best books to read for women.

10.Black Milk:

A woman has many roles to play. She can be a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a sister as well. But self-identity is what women crave. When the Turkish writer Elif Shafak gave birth to her first child, she stopped writing for the first time in her career due to postpartum depression.

Shafak looked at her contemporary female writers for their post-pregnancy life experience as a mother. She looked to resolve the conflict between the mother and the writer in herself. This novel is the all-in-one answer to the working women who have a family, child, and responsibilities to take care of. This novel is the best book for the mothers out there who want to pursue their dream or hobby as their profession.

Final words:

What if you are running out of your data package and have nothing to do. Oh god! That’s a nightmare for all nowadays. But for a solution, you can consider some of the best books to read.

Books do not require recharging or a new data package. It is a one-time investment and with numerous profits. A book can entertain you, educate you, make you aware, and many more. I hope with this list of best books for women, you will find peace and happiness.

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