How to Protect Your Brand Photo Content

How to Protect Your Brand Photo Content

If you’re a business owner, you sure know how important it is to preserve your products and photos on the Internet. No matter what kind of business it is, the best way you can protect your pictures is by putting a watermark, i.e., a logo or caption added to a photo. With a watermark on your images, it will be impossible to copy your content and use it without your permission.

how to create photo watermark

But how to create a watermark for photos? In this article, you will learn the top four ways to do it: with pro-level tools of computer photo editors and beginner-friendly mobile applications. Now let’s see which option works best for you.


Adobe Lightroom is the program everyone has heard of – all Adobe products are considered the gold standard in the industry. However, its high efficiency and quality come with an equally high price – the Lightroom annual subscription will cost you $199.88 per year or $9.99 per month. If a long learning curve and a costly subscription are not a problem for you, then follow these steps to make watermarks for photos.

First, buy the subscription or start the free trial of Lightroom, open the software, and add your file. Now go to the Edit tab and choose Edit Watermarks. To add a picture, click Choose and insert a PNG or JPG file. You can also add text with the font and style you like, apply shadows, change the color and alignment. To save the file, open the Library tab and click Export. 


To do it easier and quicker, use PhotoWorks, a semi-automatic photo editor for beginners and seasoned photographers. The program lets you upgrade pictures with no hassle – watermark photos, resize images, change the background, retouch portraits, add captions, and more. You can download this lightweight software for free on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Here’s how you can create watermarks for photos with PhotoWorks.

For starters, run the program and import a photo. In the Text & Frames tab, add a caption using a pre-made text style and adjusting other logo properties like shadows, opacity, and colors. You can create and save your own template to add the watermark to all your content. But if you already have a watermark design, add it to your photo with the Image Overlay tool. To export the edited picture, hit the Save button, select the desired file format and quality of the image.   

eZy Watermark Photos

Want to edit pictures on the go? Download a photo editing app on your smartphone, e.g. eZy Watermark Photos. It’s available for both iOS-based and Android-based devices. In the program, you can add a watermark with text, logo, copyright, trademark, and even QR codes. The photo editor also allows you to export your edited files to popular social media right away. This is how to make a watermark for photos with eZy Watermark Photos.  

To begin with, install the app on your phone and open a photo from your gallery. Then add your watermark and edit it the way you like – adjust the opacity, change the position, add alignment, rotate your logo, and so on. Besides, you can open the Batch Edit tab and add your brand watermark to several images at once. When your pictures are ready, export the new files to your gallery, Google Drive, Instagram, or other platforms.

Add Watermark on Photos

Another mobile photo editor to check out is Add Watermark on Photos. It is compatible with Android devices, so you can find it in Google Play. There are such features as batch watermarking, editing the color, font, size, background of text watermarks, and even saving your watermark design as a template to use later for other projects.

To put a watermark on your pictures, download and launch the photo editor. Import an image, go to Manual, and quickly adjust the watermark with sliders – change the size, set the opacity, rotate the watermark, and select the position of your logo.

As you can see, it’s very easy to protect your content from unauthorized use. We showed you 4 ways to get it done. Want to try more methods and tools? Then read this article on how to make a watermark for photos and find the best option for you.

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