Why is My PS4 Not Turning On Even Though It’s Plugged In?

PS4 Not Turning On

Is your PS4 not turning on? Don’t worry because PS4 is still an incredible platform. In fact, with how new PS5 is and how few exclusives it currently has, some might argue that, for the time being, there’s still no reason to rush with the upgrade. However, it’s hard to recognize how impressive PS4 is as a platform if you fail to turn it on to begin with. Can this happen? Of course! Why does it happen? Well, there are several potential reasons. So, if you’re experiencing something of a kind, here’s why your PS4 not turning on.

Troubles with Power Source

So, your PS4 not turning on, and you’ve checked all the cables and ensured that it’s properly set up. What happened? Well, it’s possible that a power source is malfunctioning or that there’s a break somewhere down the line.

Generally speaking, there are a few potential reasons for PS4 not turning on:

  • A shortage in the internal supply unit. This usually happens due to dust or insects accumulating in the unit in question. Keep in mind that the cleanup isn’t as simple as you may assume it to be and that this must be done with care. Vacuuming is not safe. You want to avoid suction and go for a blower (like a smaller leaf blower).
  • Issues with PS4 components are another potential issue. This usually happens due to a power surge, which is a vital piece of information for your diagnostics. If such an event happened recently, chances are that this is what happened.
  • The power button could malfunction. If that’s the case, the solution is pretty simple, but this also means that DIY methods (like cleaning) are out of the question.
  • Another reason why this is happening may be related to the power cord. This problem is somewhat harder to diagnose but relatively simple to fix, seeing as how power cords are inexpensive and don’t need a specialist to replace them. Then again, there may be a disconnect somewhere between the power cord and the PS4.
  • A defective outlet is hard to suspect but easy to check – just plug in something else and see what’s going on.

While power is not the only thing that can go awry, the truth is that it’s probably the first thing you should check if your PS4 not turning on at all.

Issues with Software

The most common problem with software malfunctions is caused by botched software updates. Sure, this can be caused by several issues, ranging from flickering WiFi all the way to someone manually turning off the device during the update. This is one of the strongest arguments as to why using fiber optic in a home network is the safest choice. First of all, you’re not relying on wireless internet. Second, with a faster download/update, the chances that something will go wrong (or that someone will interfere) will go significantly down.

Problems with Hard Drive

Your PS4 may fail to launch because of various hard drive issues. Now, the factor that makes this relatively easy to diagnose is the fact that a hard drive usually gives out numerous warning signs.

Chances are that it will heat up excessively and shut down, with you being unable to turn it back on for a while. Then, it may crash or freeze while booting. Then, you may notice the data disappearing or see a warning that there’s a write disk error. A faulty HDD is a reason why your PS4 is so slow all of a sudden. Each of these is indicative of what’s wrong with it, and it’s something that you shouldn’t ignore.

If this is the problem, replacement is your only choice.

Wrap Up

In the end, if the device is failing to turn on 9 out of 10 times, it’s a hardware issue. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, it’s as simple as cleaning the device or changing the socket. Eventually, you’ll have to take it for a repair, but even this won’t take too long or cost too much.

Remember that the biggest problem lies in diagnostics – figuring out the issue. While you could, technically, just take it to a professional right away, this is a more time-consuming and, at the same time, more expensive solution to a problem. With the troubleshooting list above, you can at least postpone this move and increase the odds of fixing the problem on your own.

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