The Best Remote Working Hacks for 2023

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The task of being a remote worker has a huge list of benefits, whether it is the money saved from cutting out unnecessary travel and being close to your family, the delicious home lunches, and the ability to work without the distractions that offices can bring. 

The remote working phenomenon was something hardly scene before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but thanks to the technical progress and digital advancements we have seen, the options for remote work or hybrid work are on the table for almost every job. In 2022, it was found that Microsoft Teams, a popular tool to help remote teams collaborate, have over 270 million daily users

Having this newfound freedom, flexibility, and control over your workspace can have its drawbacks too – for example, not being able to manage and create a successful and productive workflow. 

The negatives and disadvantages can be everpresent in a remote working situation that is not properly adjusted to this lifestyle. We have compiled the best and smartest tips and tricks for working remotely, which are sure to make your life working from home more serene and productive in no time.

Whether you are working for a multinational corporation, putting in hours for a startup, or all on your freelancing or starting an online business, here are some of the best hacks for remote working:

Extension is King

Being a remote worker means you will be spending a huge amount of time online and going through the web in your day-to-day tasks. The internet will be the place where you connect to your company’s workspace as well as useful tools to get your job done. Today is the perfect moment to clear all history in Bing and begin to unlock the full potential Chrome has to offer.

A key way to become more productive in remote working is to take advantage of browser add-ons to work much smoother and quicker. With a huge array of extensions available, you can find almost anything for the task you need to finish, whether it is a productive VPN or a tool that helps minimize online distractions.

For example, Google Chrome contains extensions like Grammarly (which tightens up your grammar and punctuation) to u-Block Origin, an open-source extension that can block ads, any tracking cookies, dangerous websites, and other protective layers to keep you safe during the workday. Even if you use other web browsers like Bing, sometimes doing something like clicking clear all history in Bing and installing various extensions can clean up and speed up your online experience. 

Gameplanning Wins – Create Routines and Schedules

Whatever your workspace is, the first place to start with healthy remote working habits is by looking at your daily planner. The best thing about working from home is the ability to work when you want, set your hours, and lock in when you want. 

The freedom granted does not mean you should be whimsical when it comes to allotting time to work and create your lifestyle. Keeping a positive and healthy routine every day and building consistency around it will make your work life so much more productive. 

You should take note of what are the most productive aspects of your work day and aim to build your schedule around that. The need to start introducing unnecessary healthy habits from scratch is silly – put away your 5 AM running shoes and take it slow.

The Work Zone – Build and Optimise a Working Space

The most common theme amongst the most successful workers who operate wherever they want is one thing – the ability to create a space where they can separate fun and personal time and work. 

Even if you live in a tiny shoebox apartment, it is possible to utilize adjustable furniture and work in a locked-in state, sitting at some form of desk and zoning in. 

A key tip will be this: avoid lying in bed in the morning and working – you should aim to get up, get fresh, and take some time outside than sit at a table and begin your work day.

Don’t Be Exposed – Put Backups in Place

The biggest fear for most remote workers should be the integrity of their work files and equipment. If you are working a lot online, you should take every possible step to build cloud folders so you can store your work and access it from anywhere.

You should also work to maintain your work computer equipment, testing it all regularly and making sure you have contingency plans available in case something breaks – something as simple as having a spare laptop and printer can be the difference between you getting a project done on time and not.

It could be worthwhile to learn how to troubleshoot certain issues and learn the basic mechanisms of how to manually work inside a PC. If the situation ever arises where you need to change your hard disk or SSD, you will know exactly what to do.


It is pivotal you begin immediately to put in healthy working habits while you are remote – some of the most simple on this list can save you a huge amount of hours every month, whether it is through avoiding a disaster or working to be hyper-productive and efficient during your remote working day.

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