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The development of HR management has accelerated significantly in recent years. This was influenced by the rapid development of production automation processes and the actualization of increasing the efficiency of personnel management. The importance of human resources as a key factor in the company’s competitiveness implies the improvement and development of the personnel management function. This indicates the need for the formation of a digital HR system of the company based on the application of modern HR solution software. The digital personnel management system includes the following functions:

  • Development and approval of the company’s HR strategy;
  • Planning the need for personnel taking into account the strategic goals of the organization;
  • Organization and provision of processes of search, selection, and engagement of personnel based on professional and qualification requirements;
  • Regulation of processes of release, rotation, and labor transfers;
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the processes of adaptation, socialization, and reducing the level of personnel turnover;
  • Organization of certification, training, and qualification development of the team;
  • Determination of wages and possible additional benefits for employees of the organization in order to attract and retain personnel;
  • Creation and maintenance of an up-to-date staff motivation system to increase work efficiency;
  • Introduction of the corporate culture at an enterprise and ensuring a positive moral and psychological climate;
  • Regulation of labor relations, requirements of psychophysiology, ethics, aesthetics, and labor economics.

Due to the digitization of business, companies that develop IT products in the field of human resources management have become in demand. One of the most popular is JatApp, which offers inspiring HR process automation solutions. You should just follow the link hr software development to order high-quality online HR software services. And below, read in more detail about useful software available on the market that you should pay attention to.

HR Software Review: List of Best HRM Optimization Software

The top HR software that is widely used today to provide mobility and flexibility of employment, automation of recruiting, training and development, etc. includes:

  1. Lano is your cloud-based compliance and payments platform for building and scaling global companies. From hiring remote employees all over the world to processing multi-country payroll, our platform gives global businesses the flexibility they need to quickly build and grow their international teams.
  2. Zoho People is an information system where the HR manager can record important details right in the interface. It has the following built-in functions: employee portal, organizational structure, a self-service portal, checklists for business processes, etc.;
  3. BambooHR – software for HR managers in small and medium-sized businesses. It includes a large set of services for personnel management and recruiting processes and can be supplemented with payroll accounting tools;
  4. Workable is an online system for managing recruiting processes. This best HR cloud solution combines an applicant tracking system (ATS) and a recruiting platform with the ability to search for relevant resumes on the Internet and on job search sites;
  5. Hurma System is a recent addition to the market of HRM / HRIS systems. It is a comprehensive solution for HR, recruiting, and OKR in one system. It involves the first contact with the candidate, going through all stages of recruiting, adaptation, maintenance, and even mood monitoring;
  6. Softline IT is a popular HR software that allows automating the processes of organizing personnel accounting and calculating wages in companies of any level and in various fields of activity. The program is easy to use and at the same time has a wide range of settings and functionality, covering all personnel accounting tasks.
  7. Moxie and Telligent. This HR employee software enables businesses to track, evaluate, and engage current and potential customers through social media. It promotes cooperation between employees in the workplace, etc.;
  8. LinkedIn, Jive, Buddy. Modern businesses are actively using social media for recruiting professionals. LinkedIn, Jive, and Buddy can become a platform for generating and saving user content, communication, and discussion of projects. Thus, for example, the Jive social platform offers tools for creating content and sharing in order to simplify monitoring and interaction. It also has an enterprise search engine that offers social graph analytics and analysis, the ability to create blogs, monitor specific people, projects, or groups;
  9. E-staff is an automated HR tracking software that is actively used by retail practitioners and recruiting agencies. It allows to quickly receive and identify relevant information, provide consultations to employees in real mode, conduct surveys, contests, etc.;
  10. Buddy is a resource that helps managers and HR marketers develop a social marketing strategy. It provides data that tells when to interact with a customer. This company HR software also allows measuring performance and real-time data, as well as managing hundreds of pages around the world;
  11. Kaltura. It’s a platform that offers video creation features and tools to expand your company’s audience, generate revenue, and create more effective ways to use digital communications.

Of course, the provided list of software products is not exhaustive. There are a large number of relevant products, services, and platforms in various HR industries. Therefore, you will certainly be able to find what you are looking for.

How to Get the Most Out of Using Software for HR?

To make the use of HR software really effective, pay attention to the following expert tips:

  • Determine what you need by analyzing the effectiveness of HR managers. Digitization tools are needed to optimize the work process, and for this, it is necessary to determine what exactly needs optimization;
  • Evaluate the business case. When you have the idea to automate HR processes, calculate the benefits that its implementation can bring and the costs that it requires;
  • Analyze the relationships between processes. Automation of one process will affect all related areas and processes;
  • Consider the interests of employees. A successful project has a balance between the benefit and comfort of employees. The software implementation optimizes processes not only for the company itself but also for the people working in it. Therefore, new services should be intuitive and convenient. Otherwise, they will not give results;
  • Maintain process continuity. You should not be limited by the automation of a few processes. The team must constantly solve tasks related to digitalization, and think in this direction;
  • Provide mandatory support of mobile technologies. Most people access the Internet through smartphones and tablets. Similarly, your employees would like to have work materials in quick access.


The era of digital technologies dictates the need to find new and adapt existing management models. Among the current trends in human resources management in modern companies are mobility and flexible employment, automation of recruiting, training, digital platforms for talent search, well-being solutions, etc. HR software increases the effectiveness of management decisions not only in HR but becomes the basis of the company’s future competitiveness. But in order for the company to remain successful, HR professionals must choose the software carefully.

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