How To Lock Whatsapp In Android Smartphone?

how to lock whatsapp

Facing a lack of privacy on WhatsApp? Well, you should know how to lock WhatsApp with the fingerprint feature. This is quite helpful as it is only your fingerprint that will unlock this application. Any different or similar fingerprints would not open this, at any point in time.

Why do you need to lock Whatsapp?

The question arises, what is the benefit of locking Whatsapp? The solution is only privacy. If you want to protect your chats from some harmful doings, then it’s suggested you lock your WhatsApp account. This is nothing, but a huge barrier to your account that one needs to cross if they want to see your messages. It provides protection and that’s what you need right now.

Often a lot of cases happen when your phone gets snatched away or stolen and it is open. In those cases, you can protect your private chats from getting seen by putting on a Whstapp Fingerprint lock. Only your fingerprint will give you access to your Whatsapp.

Is Fingerprint lock different from app lock?

Fingerprint lock in WhatsApp is different from your phone’s lock system and we will tell you how. When you turn on the app lock, it is basically a lock against the application on your phone. This can be applied to any application that has been installed on your phone and the lock password remains the same for all applications. If you put on the Whatsapp lock, then it locks your WhatsApp individually. You quill be required to put a password every time you protect it.

Now, if you put up both the app lock and the fingerprint lock on Whatapp, then firstly you will be required to unlock the default app lock and after that, the Whatsapp lock.

How to lock WhatsApp in a few easy steps?

1. Open Whatsapp.

2. On the top right corner of the screen, there are three dots. Click on them. The drop-down box will appear. From there, go to Settings.

3. After that, click on the first option, Account. Now the Account page appears with options like Privacy, Security, Two-step verification, Change Number, Request account info, and Delete my account. Click on Privacy. And then scroll down

4. After scrolling down to the extreme bottom of the page, click on Fingerprint lock. Now it has a switch that needs to be flipped. This is known as Unlock with a fingerprint. When you click on the switch, a pop-up appears asking to confirm your fingerprint.

Note: "To use this feature, you will need to set up your fingerprint on your phone first"

5. Add your fingerprint. and after you have done so, options like Immediately, After 1 minute, and After 30 minute appear under the Automatically lock section. Choose the desired timing. If you select Immediately, then you will have to put your fingerprint every single time you open Whatsapp, if you choose the second option, after every minute, you will have to put your fingerprint and after 30 minutes, if you choose the third option.

6. Another thing to check on is, that if you flip the switch named Show content in notifications, then you would be shown your messages in the notifications only. Or if you turn off the switch, you will not be shown the notifications. Do as you desired and you will be done for a while.


You should always know how to lock Whatsapp because, in recent times, there have been fraudulent activities all along the way. Often, hacking occurs, and locking Whatsapp in that case, is very necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which app can I use to lock my WhatsApp chat?

    If you are an Android user then are some popular apps available. These are AppLock, Messenger and Chat Lock, AppLock – Fingerprint, and Hexlock – Lock & Protect Apps. You can use any of these app to lock your WhatsApp. If you are an iPhone user, I would suggest to lock your WhatsApp using Face Id or Passcode.

  • How would I lock WhatsApp in Iphone

    Touch Id or Face ID is the best way to lock WhatsApp in iPhone. So, if you looking to secure your WhatsApp chat from unauthorize access then this is the best way to lock chats on WhatsApp.

  • Is it possible to lock WhatsApp with password

    Right know, WhatsApp has not added this features, So you cannot lock WhatsApp with password.

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