Ultimate Guide: Best Online Backup Service

Ultimate Guide Best Online Backup Service

With the rapid pace of technological advancement and the exponential growth of digital data, the demand for reliable online backup service solutions has become increasingly urgent. As businesses and individuals become more reliant on digital data, the need for a secure and accessible backup system has become more crucial than ever before. In response to this growing demand, online backup has emerged as one of the most popular and effective backup solutions available.

Online backup offers a range of significant advantages over traditional backup methods. Unlike physical backups, which are vulnerable to theft, fire, and other forms of damage, online backup provides a secure and remote storage option. This means that data can be accessed from any location, at any time, and from any device with an internet connection.

Another advantage of online backup is its scalability. As data volumes continue to increase, traditional backup methods can become increasingly cumbersome and expensive. Online backup, however, is easily scalable and can be adjusted to accommodate growing data volumes without the need for costly hardware upgrades.

Furthermore, online backup offers a high degree of reliability and security. Data is encrypted and stored in secure data centers, ensuring that it is protected from cyber threats and other forms of data loss. Online backup also provides peace of mind, knowing that data is backed up and recoverable in the event of a disaster or other unforeseen circumstances.

Overall, the advantages of online backup make it an essential tool for any business or individual seeking to protect their valuable data. As the demand for reliable backup solutions continues to grow, online backup is likely to remain one of the most popular and effective solutions available.

Importantly, online backup data is stored in the cloud. Traditional storage devices are not necessary once you create an online backup task. It is possible that you can access and download your data on different devices via online backups. Safely, your backup data will be protected from many local accidents like natural disasters, system crashes, device damage, etc.

At the same time, online backup is more flexible, compared to traditional backup methods. You are allowed to change the choice of online storage space according to your backup needs. When you need more online backup space, you do not need to buy an extra storage device anymore.

The Best Free Online Backup Service: CBackup

Here comes the best free online backup service – CBackup, and you can get it in Windows 11/10/8/7/XP operating systems. CBackup is professional and comprehensive in backup and sync and provides many easy-to-use features for free.


In CBackup, you can back up any data from your computer to the cloud. Many mainstream cloud drives are supported to be authorized to CBackup. Thus, you are allowed to backup files to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more for free. At the same time, CBackup offers 10GB of free cloud storage called CBackup Cloud for each new account, which can be the backup destination directly.

One of the core features of CBackup is combine cloud storage. With it, you can merge unlimited cloud drive accounts into bigger combined cloud storage. The source cloud drive accounts can come from different cloud drives or the same cloud drive platform. Thus, you can get unlimited online backup space in this way.

When you want to back up or move files from one cloud drive account to another account, but do not want to switch from one page to another often, use the cloud to cloud backup or cloud to cloud sync feature in CBackup directly. Once you add your cloud drive accounts to CBackup, you can transfer or back up files between any two of them on one interface.

Let’s discuss high data security in CBackup. CBackup takes 256-bit AES encryption in data transfer processes and the OAuth system protects your cloud drive account safety.

Likewise, there are some advanced settings in CBackup that can make your backup and sync tasks more convenient. You can configure your backup or sync task with these options for free.

  • Scheduler

You can select a suitable time mode from 4 different options: One time only, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. After configuration, CBackup will perform your task with the selected frequency automatically, which can be quite convenient for you.

  • File Filter

You are allowed to select a certain file format to back up or not back up. Choose an option from Backup all files, Exclude file types, or Contain file types, then CBackup will back up your files according to your needs.

  • Email Notification

You can enable this feature to let CBackup notify you about the result of your backup task when it is over.

Backup to Public Cloud for Free

CBackup provides a free online backup service feature. You can choose to add your cloud drive account to CBackup and create a backup task to upload files to it directly.

Let’s see how to use CBackup to backup computer data to a public cloud:

Step 1. Add Cloud to CBackup

1. Download and set up the CBackup desktop application on your desktop for free. Sign up for a new CBackup account, and please run the client to log into your CBackup account.

2. Then, click on the Storage tab on the left panel, and click on the public cloud that you want to add, then press Authorize Now.

Add Cloud to CBackup

Step 2. Create A Backup Task

1. Go to the Backup section and click on the Backup PC to Public Cloud option in the right part.

Create A Backup Task

2. You can change Task Name according to your needs for your backup task. Next, select local files on your computer as the backup source, and tap the cloud drive account you just added to CBackup as the backup destination.

3. Finally, please click on the Start Backup button to back up your files from your computer to online cloud directly and quickly.

Start Backup

To Sum Up

The online backup service software would be a great helper for you. You can try this free online backup service CBackup to protect your files, folders, programs, hard drives, and many other types of data. In CBackup, you are allowed to create auto backup tasks for free which saves you much time.

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