What Does TBH Mean On Snapchat

what does tbh mean on snapchat

You are in the middle of a conversation and suddenly your friend sends you a TBH sticker and you wonder what does TBH mean on Snapchat. You keep on guessing and often end up with a question: is it an abbreviation?

Well, yes it is. 

It is an abbreviation of “To Be Honest”. Some also use it as a short form of “To Be Hard”. 

This article is going to give you a clearer picture of what does tbh mean in texting before this it is essential for you to know what X means on Snapchat as well.

Let’s Understand What Does TBH mean on Snapchat?

You must have seen those colorful emojis saying TBH all over Snapchat and quite much pondered over it. You might be unfamiliar with its usage. Because it’s a teen slang term. 

TBH had its fair share of changing meanings over time. The majority of the time it is used as an abbreviation of, to be honest. These types of teen slang words are basically very much prevalent in the text message culture and widely used by all teenagers. It gained popularity in the late 90s and the early 2000s. If we talk about the origination of such an abbreviation, then it goes back to internet forums and Internet Relay Chat(IRC). 

What is the meaning of TBH?

TBH is mostly found to be placed at the beginning of the sentence. But it is often placed at the end, wherever it would fit and make some sense. For example, you are having a conversation about the hot weather and you ask your friend about it. He replies, “TBH I really hate summers”. 

This is how the abbreviation TBH is used in between sentences. 

How is TBH used?

If we talk about how TBH is used in a sentence then we can say that it is pretty much used as an abbreviation at the beginning of the sentence. But it can have both positive and negative impacts depending on what is said after or before that. It can be used as a tool for merry flattery or insult or even bluntness. 

You can really compliment someone “TBH you look really great today”. Or bring them down with insults like “TBH I really hate the way you talk”. 

No doubt TBH is actually very much straightforward in today’s world and it does not bother teenagers. It is found that a genre of social media posts was trending sometime ago call the TBH posts. In these trains, people asked each other for honest opinions these were meant by humorous but often had the power to intentionally be hurtful or even abusive. 

In what context is TBH used in Snapchat?

Tbh means the same thing in Snapchat only. When someone sends you a TBH age they mean “to be honest”. Earlier slang like TBH was used only in IRC or SMS conversations but now they have also been converted into stickers on Snapchat. 

See Snapchat is a place where you can use a lot of abbreviations because it is a text messaging app. So whenever you see a user or a friend on Snapchat send you the word TBH, it means that they are basically trying to say to be honest but in a short manner. 

As said TBH has the power to make a sentence both positive and negative depending on the usage. This article provides you with a list of possibilities for using TBH on Snapchat.

How do you use TBH on Snapchat?

You can use tbh in the following context:

• TBH, Snapchat stickers are awesome.

• TBH, I need your help on this.

• its really not such a small thing, TBH.

• I can go out but TBH, I am too tired for it.


This internet slang has been quite on the trend since teenagers use it on a regular basis. These have started to appear in even formal places. TBH always stands for ‘to be honest and not ‘to be hard’ because the ‘to be hard’ definition is very much outdated. 

Since you have already learned what does T B H mean on Snapchat, it is time you learn about other abbreviations too. Because why not?

They’re short, simple, fun, and most importantly, save a lot of time in texting. And the plus point is, that they make you look cool over texts.

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