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pink hears snapchat

You have been wondering for quite a long time what pink hearts snap beside a friend’s chap on Snapchat means. And we are here to provide you with easy solutions on pink hearts Snapchat.

Before we proceed to that, let us give you a brief introduction to this application. 

Snapchat has long been the trending application among the list of social media all over the world and it’s only because it is really fun to handle.

The extraordinary amount of filters on Snapchat has made it instantly popular among teenagers in today’s world. Besides a huge number of magical filters, Snapchat provides the option to continuously send snaps to your friends and maintain snap streaks. You can add your audio to your snaps or your videos or even text on these snaps. 

You can also draw using emojis or distort your sound using a filter or apply multiple filters at the same time. Snapchat also has a very good camera where you can rewind the video, slow down or make your videos faster than it was. You can play games or renovate your profile. You can get creative with a lot of photos and send limitless snaps to whomever you want. You can even track your friend’s location all day long if they allow it. 

Besides all of these fun things, Snapchat also is a platform to get to know the business world much more. Many businesses are using Snapchat as a tool to market their products worldwide. 

Now let’s get a wider understanding of what these friend emojis actually mean. 

These friend emojis appear beside the chats on Snapchat and these emojis denote your relationship with that friend.

Each emoji denotes the type of relationship you have with your friends. The emojis vary according to the intensity of your snap relationship with your Snapchat friend.

This article will help you understand in a wide aspect how these emojis appear(on what basis) and what they denote. Besides that, this also has a section where you can get to know how to change all these friend emojis.

Meaning of The Default Friend Emojis in Snapchat

Snapchat actually measures the amount of text and snaps that two users share with each other and then on that basis, denotes the relationship with a particular emoji. All the default emojis have the same purpose- they carry the same meaning for every user. But these default emojis can be changed to something else if you want.

Snapchat works in a particular kind of way even though there are so many emojis that actually appear beside the chats of your friends, in a particular Snapchat account you can only have up to 8 Best Friends. And the meaning of a Best Friend is something quite different here on Snapchat; a Best Friend is the user with whom you have shared the most number of snaps in your contact list. Snapchat actually has the amount of best friends to only 8 people. All the other emojis are calculated on the basis of the number of snaps that are actually shared between you and the user. 

The Smiling face emoji means that the user is one of your 8 Best Friends on Snapchat and this also means that you have sent this user more messages than other users.

The Yellow heart emoji symbolizes that the user is your number one Best Friend and vice versa. Both you and the users send the most messages to each other.

The Red heart emoji denotes that you have been best friends with this person for a long time, rather than number one Best Friends with this person for 2 weeks in a row. This only works if both you and the user that you are sending the snaps to, equally send the same amount of snaps to you for 2 weeks in a row.

pink hearts snapchat

The double heart emoji means that you have been Best Friends with this user for continuos two months in a row. This would only happen if you both share snaps with each other at the same frequency for that time period.

pink heart snapchat

The Grimace face emoji is found on the chats where you have a mutual Best Friend with the person. And by this, it means that the user’s Best Friend is also your Best Friend.

The Sunglass face emoji implies that you share a close friend with this user. This means that one of 8 of the Best Friends in Snapchat contacts is also one of this person’s 8 Best Friends in their contacts.

The Fire emoji means you and the user are on a snap streak. You can also see the number of the days you and this person have sent snaps to each other in a row right beside this emoji. When you continuously send snaps to one user and the person also shares snaps with you on the same frequency and on a continuous basis, then this emoji appears but this emoji will go away if any one of you forgets to send the snap to each other in 24 hours.

The 100 emoji means that you and the user have maintained successfully a snap streak for 100 days

The hourglass emoji denotes that the snap streak is going to end soon. If you want to continue this snap streak with the person you had before then you have to immediately send the user a snap but this snap cannot be a chat it has to be either a video or a photo.

The Birthday Cake emoji implies that the user was born today. Wish them a happy birthday.

Here are also ways to make your Snapchat emojis much more exciting than before. The following steps mentioned below are easy to follow and it shows you how to change the default friend emoji in Snapchat.

How to Change Your Default Friend Emoji on Snapchat

Step 1: Open Snapchat. Once the camera window appears, on the top left of the camera window you can see your profile picture. Tap on it.

Step 2: On the profile page, go to the top right corner of the screen and you can see the clog wheel. This is the settings option. Click on it.

Step 3: Now you have come to the Settings page. You have to scroll down to the Who Can… section.

Step 4:  In this section, you can notice the option of Customise Emoji. Tap on it and you will be led to the new page of customising emojis.

Step 5: In here you can see the list of the default Snapchat emojis and what they actually mean. Now you have to click on the emoji that you want to change and you will be led to a new page where you have a lot of options. From these options of emojis, click on the emoji that you want to place and then on the top left corner you can see a green arrow. You have to come back to the Custom Friend emojis page and you can see that you are Snapchat Friend emoji has changed.

Conclusion: Pink Hearts Snapchat

Snapchat emojis are quite fun and an exciting thing to play around with. We can easily change them as per our will and again also restore them to default if we want to, right from the page of customizing emojis.

Besides this blog, we also have a lot of Snapchat related blogs which will help you clear out the basic technical questions about Snapchat. Stay tuned for more and do check out our other blogs.

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