Decoding the Hourglass in Snapchat: What Does It Mean?

Decoding the Hourglass in Snapchat: What Does It Mean?

As we have been connected to social media in our life in all the way and Snapchat being one of the most popular social media platforms for recreation is gaining more and more popularity, hence it becomes important for us to know more about Snapchat, so that we are updated with the world and not lagging behind.

Today we are here to let you know about the Snapchat hourglass that you see in the Snapchat

This hourglass appears beside the name of our different Snapchat friends list at different intervals of time, sometimes all together and sometimes in a particular person’s chat name. This indicates that the streak is about to break and we need to hurry up with our streak maintenance.

As it is very well known that Snapchat has a very unique feature of maintaining streaks these streaks are maintained by sending photographs taken by Snapchat and sending them to our friends at the moment. These streaks are shown in the form of a fire symbol and every day the count of the fire symbol increase, and it helps you to find your best friend on Snapchat.

But sometimes that often comes a time when you forget to send the snap so when you open your Snapchat after a long time you see the hourglass symbol emerges beside the name of your friend’s name. Indicating that your snap streak is about to end with your that particular friend, and if you don’t send another snap before the ending time the streak breaks. This symbol of hourglass appears at the 20th hour since you have sent your last snap to your friend.

After that, you have 4 hours in hand to send this snap to your friend and maintain your snaps streak or else after 24 hours of sending the last snap the hourglass disappears, and your snap Streak breaks.

Now if we talk about how to maintain snap streaks the very first thing that comes into our mind is 

what is a streak in Snapchat?

It is a way of showing a continuous connection of one snap friend with another one and this snaps streak is maintained by sending pictures or video messages taken by the Snapchat camera at the moment. The other interactions like Snapchat stories memories group chat or sending long back pictures all pictures that are taken from the gallery are not counted in Snapchat streaks maintenance the Snapchat streak is only maintained if you are sending a live video or a photograph.

What to do if your snaps streak disappears?

Sometimes even if you are maintaining a continuous flow of sending Snapchat to your friend but then also the snap streak symbol which is the fire symbol disappears beside the name of your friend then you can contact the Snapchat support team. 

For the same here we are giving you a few simple steps on how to reach a Snapchat support team.

The steps are:-

  1. Go to the Snapchat support page that you will find in the Snapchat setting
  2. From there find the option of my snapstreak disappear and click it
  3. Then fill out the necessary pieces of information and submit

After a few intervals of time, you will see that your snap streak is back and you are once again in track with the snap maintenance with your Snapchat friend.

Emergence of Snapchat

Snapchat is an American multimedia multinational company which developed messaging app which is developed by Snap Inc. This app is used for sending photos and videos to your friend for a very short interval of time and which gets disappears after being seen once or sometimes twice this platform is also used for messaging video calling and voice calling at the same time.

It has a wide range of different kinds of filters that are used for clicking beautiful pictures so that our pictures get more beautified, It was created by EVAN  SPIEGAL, BOBBY MURPHY, and Reggie Brown, these were former students at Standford university.

This app was launched in September 2011. According to your interaction with your Snapchat friend, Snapchat gives you different emoji symbols that tell about the kind of friendship you have with your Snapchat friend there are different types of emojis used by Snapchat those includes the heart shapes the emojis the star the fire, and the cake. Snapchat tells you about the birthdays of your friend by showing a cake symbol beside them, The pink color double heart indicates that you are a super best friend forever

Snapchat gives an into an encryption only for videos and photographs and not for sending messages but they are planning to provide N2 and encryption for text messages in groups also and in individuals. After a few intervals of time, you will see that your snap streak is back and you are once again in track with the snap maintain streak maintenance with your Snapchat friend.

At the end

All the things if we summarize, this article provides you the information about the appearance of an hourglass beside the name of your Snapchat friend.

We come to know that this appears because it indicates that the snap streak with our friend is about to end, and if at all the snap streak ends how to fix it and get your snap streak back, is also discussed above in our article this is a brief description about the glass disappearing bringing it back and the maintenance of snap streak.

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