3 Ways Technology Can Advance Your Career


Technology has helped us in more ways that it is possible to count, we benefit from a wide variety of innovative inventions every day, and with the digital revolution in full swing, how can we ever be bored again.

However, aside from the huge selection of entertainment it provides us with, digital technology has practical uses too, including career boosting abilities.

If you’re looking to grow your career in exciting new directions, seek greater financial security, and learn new skills, here are just three ways digital technologies can advance your career.

Skill Building

Access to the internet means that new skills are now at our fingertips – from learning to play an instrument to becoming fluent in a new language, there are so many resources out there to learn whatever skills you need to succeed.

Many of the skills you can learn with free tutorials, such as those frequently posted to YouTube, can aid in your career advancement, offering the help you need to take the next step up the ladder.

Whether you’re looking to advance your SEO knowledge, or boost your bartending skills, the wonderful web is full of a wide variety of classes and tutorials to get you started on your next career path.

Distance Learning

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we can do more from our own homes than we ever thought possible.

While many businesses and education providers had to adapt to the remote model, online learning isn’t a new concept. In fact, even before the pandemic a wide variety of universities offered remote learning opportunities, some even specialising in this method of study.

Distance learning courses, such as those offered by the experts at Anglia Ruskin University, allow you to gain the knowledge you need to advance your career on a schedule that suits your needs.

Online study is ideal for those already working in a field they love, but what to gain the skills they need to take the next career step. Similarly, the ability to study on your own time scale, makes this the perfect choice for parents, and those who would otherwise struggle to return to education.

Online Businesses

With the advancement of digital technology, setting up a business of your own has never been easier – whether you want to take the knowledge you have gained over the course of your career to set up your own consultancy businesses, or take up something new entirely.

With platforms such as WordPress, you’ll be able to design your own business website and market your products and services.

And, if you’re not ready for a complete career change, you could simply turn your hobby into a lucrative side hustle. Produce unique handmade products and sell them online to bring in a little extra cash each month.

How has digital technology helped your career? Share your story in the comments below!

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